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Calculate Convex Hull Peeling Depth


Calculates the convex hull peeling depth of points w.r.t. a multivariate data set.


depth.qhpeeling(x, data)



Matrix of objects (numerical vector as one object) whose depth is to be calculated; each row contains a d-variate point. Should have the same dimension as data.


Matrix of data where each row contains a d-variate point, w.r.t. which the depth is to be calculated.


Calculates the convex hull peeling depth (Eddy, 1982; see also Cascos, 2009).


Numerical vector of depths, one for each row in x; or one depth value if x is a numerical vector. Each depth value equals the number of the convex hulls to be peeled from data so that (the corresponding row of) x is not contained in the convex hull of the rest of the data; the depths are normalized by the number of points in data.


Eddy, W.F. (1982). Convex hull peeling. In: Caussinus, H., Ettinger, P. and Tomassone, R. (eds), COMPSTAT 1982. Proceedings in computational statistics, Physica-Verlag (Vienna), 42–47.

Cascos, I. (2009). Data depth: multivariate statistics and geometry. In: Kendall, W.S. and Molchanov, I. (eds) New Perspectives in Stochastic Geometry, Clarendon/Oxford University Press (Oxford).

See Also

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# Mixture of 3-variate normal distributions
data <- mvrnorm(25, rep(0, 3), diag(3))
x <- rbind(mvrnorm(10, rep(1, 3), diag(3)), data)
depths <- depth.qhpeeling(x, data)
cat("Depths:", depths, "\n")

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