Man pages for ddalpha
Depth-Based Classification and Calculation of Data Depth

CmetricFast Computation of the Uniform Metric for Sets of Functional...
compclassf.classifyClassify using Functional Componentwise Classifier
compclassf.trainFunctional Componentwise Classifier
CustomMethodsUsing Custom Depth Functions and Classifiers
datafConverts data from fdata class to the functional class.
dataf.Functional Data Sets
dataf2rawfdTransform a 'dataf' Object to Raw Functional Data
dataf.geneexpGene Expression Profile Data
dataf.growthBerkeley Growth Study Data
dataf.medfliesRelationship of Age Patterns of Fecundity to Mortality for...
dataf.populationWorld Historical Population-by-Country Dataset
dataf.population2010World Historical Population-by-Country Dataset (2010...
dataf.sim.1.CFF07Model 1 from Cuevas et al. (2007)
dataf.sim.2.CFF07Model 2 from Cuevas et al. (2007)
dataf.tecatorFunctional Data Set Spectrometric Data (Tecator)
ddalpha.classifyClassify using DD-Classifier
ddalphaf.classifyClassify using Functional DD-Classifier
ddalphaf.getErrorRateCVTest Functional DD-Classifier
ddalphaf.getErrorRatePartTest Functional DD-Classifier
ddalphaf.testTest Functional DD-Classifier
ddalphaf.trainFunctional DD-Classifier
ddalpha.getErrorRateCVTest DD-Classifier
ddalpha.getErrorRatePartTest DD-Classifier
ddalpha-packageDepth-Based Classification and Calculation of Data Depth
ddalpha.testTest DD-Classifier
ddalpha.trainTrain DD-Classifier
depth.Calculate Depth
depth.betaSkeletonCalculate Beta-Skeleton Depth
depth.contoursDepth Contours
depth.contours.ddalphaDepth Contours
depthf.Calculate Functional Depth
depthf.ABDAdjusted Band Depth for Functional Data
depthf.BDBand Depth for Functional Data
depthf.fd1Univariate Integrated and Infimal Depth for Functional Data
depthf.fd2Bivariate Integrated and Infimal Depth for Functional Data
depthf.hMh-Mode Depth for Functional Data
depthf.hM2Bivariate h-Mode Depth for Functional Data Based on the L^2...
depthf.HRHalf-Region Depth for Functional Data
depthf.RP1Univariate Random Projection Depths for Functional Data
depthf.RP2Bivariate Random Projection Depths for Functional Data
depthf.simplicialBandCalculate Simplicial Band Depth
depth.graphDepth Graph
depth.halfspaceCalculate Halfspace Depth
depth.L2Calculate L2-Depth
depth.MahalanobisCalculate Mahalanobis Depth
depth.potentialCalculate Potential of the Data
depth.projectionCalculate Projection Depth
depth.qhpeelingCalculate Convex Hull Peeling Depth
depth.sampleFast Depth Computation for Univariate and Bivariate Random...
depth.simplicialCalculate Simplicial Depth
depth.simplicialVolumeCalculate Simplicial Volume Depth Depth Space using the Given Depth Depth Space using Halfspace Depth Depth Space using Mahalanobis Depth Potential Space Depth Space using Projection Depth Depth Space using Simplicial Depth Depth Space using Simplicial Volume Depth Depth Space using Spatial Depth Depth Space using Zonoid Depth
depth.spatialCalculate Spatial Depth
depth.zonoidCalculate Zonoid Depth
derivatives.estEstimation of the First Two Derivatives for Functional Data
dknn.classifyDepth-Based kNN
dknn.classify.trainedDepth-Based kNN
dknn.trainDepth-Based kNN
draw.ddplotDraw _DD_-Plot
FKSFast Kernel Smoothing
getdataData for Classification
infimalRankAdjusted Ranking of Functional Data Based on the Infimal... Outsiderness
L2metricFast Computation of the L^2 Metric for Sets of Functional...
plot.ddalphaPlots for the "ddalpha" Class
plot.ddalphafPlots for the "ddalphaf" Class
plot.functionalPlot functions for the Functional Data
rawfd2datafTransform Raw Functional Data to a 'dataf' Object
resetParReset Graphical Parameters
shape.fd.analysisDiagnostic Plot for First and Second Order Integrated and...
shape.fd.outliersFunctional Depth-Based Shape Outlier Detection
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