Man pages for deaR
Conventional and Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis

AirlinesData: Coelli, Grifell-Tatje, and Perelman (2002).
bootstrap_basicBootstrapping DEA
Coelli_1998Data: Coelli, Rao and Battese (1998).
Coll_Blasco_2006Data: Coll and Blasco (2006).
cross_efficiencyCross efficiency analysis
cross_efficiency_fuzzyCross efficiency fuzzy analysis
DepartmentsData: Tomkins and Green (1988).
Doyle_Green_1994Data: Doyle and Green (1994).
EconomyData: Wang and Lan (2011).
EconomyLongData: Wang and Lan (2011).
eff_dmusEfficient DMUs.
efficienciesObjective scores
efficiencies.deaObjective scores
Electric_plantsData: Färe, Grosskopf and Kokkelenberg (1989).
extreme_efficientExtreme efficient DMUs
Fortune500Data: Zhu (2014).
Fried1993Data: Fried, Knox Lovell and Schmidt (1993).
FuzzyExampleData: Fuzzy data reading example.
Golany_Roll_1989Data: Golany and Roll (1989).
Grifell_Lovell_1999Data: Grifell-Tatjé and Lovell (1999).
Guo_Tanaka_2001Data: Guo and Tanaka (2001).
HotelsData: Wu, Tsai and Zhou (2011).
Hua_Bian_2007Data: Hua and Bian (2007).
is.deadea class check.
is.deadatadeadata class check.
is.deadata_fuzzydeadata_fuzzy class check.
is.dea_fuzzydea_fuzzy class check.
is.friendsFriends check.
Kao_Liu_2003Data: Kao and Liu (2003).
Leon2003Data: Leon, Liern, Ruiz and Sirvent (2003).
LibrariesData: Cooper, Seiford and Tone (2007).
Lim_Zhu_2015Data: Lim and Zhu (2015).
malmquist_indexMalmquist index
maximal_friendsMaximal friends of a set of DMUs.
model_additiveAdditive DEA model.
model_addminAdditive-min DEA model.
model_addsupereffAdditive super-efficiency DEA model.
model_basicBasic (radial and directional) DEA model.
model_deapsPreference Structure DEA model.
model_fdhFree disposal hull (FDH) model.
modelfuzzy_guotanakaFuzzy DEA model
modelfuzzy_kaoliuFuzzy DEA model.
modelfuzzy_possibilisticPossibilistic Fuzzy DEA model.
model_multiplierMultiplier DEA model
model_nonradialNon-radial DEA model.
model_profitProfit efficiency DEA model.
model_rdmRange directional model.
model_sbmeffSlack based measure (SBM) of efficiency model.
model_sbmsupereffSlack based measure of superefficiency model
model_supereffRadial super-efficiency basic DEA model
PFT1981Data: Charnes, Cooper and Rhodes (1981).
plot.deaPlot for DEA models.
plot.dea_fuzzyPlot for fuzzy DEA models.
Power_plantsData: Tone (2002).
print.deadatadeadata class print method
print.deadata_fuzzydeadata_fuzzy class print method
rtsReturns to scale
Ruggiero2007Data: Ruggiero (2007).
summary.deaSummary conventional DEA models.
summary.dea_fuzzySummary Fuzzy DEA models.
Supply_ChainData: Sanei and Mamizadeh Chatghayeb (2013).
Tone2001Data: Tone (2001).
Tone2003Data: Tone (2003).
undesirable_basicUndesirable inputs and outputs for basic DEA model.
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