build_vignettes: Build package vignettes.

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Build package vignettes.


Builds package vignettes using the same algorithm that R CMD build does. This means including non-Sweave vignettes, using makefiles (if present), and copying over extra files. The files are copied in the 'doc' directory and an vignette index is created in 'Meta/vignette.rds', as they would be in a built package. 'doc' and 'Meta' are added to .Rbuildignore, so will not be included in the built package. These files can be checked into version control, so they can be viewed with browseVignettes() and vignette() if the package has been loaded with load_all() without needing to re-build them locally.


  pkg = ".",
  dependencies = "VignetteBuilder",
  clean = TRUE,
  upgrade = "never",
  quiet = FALSE,
  install = TRUE,
  keep_md = TRUE



The package to use, can be a file path to the package or a package object. See as.package() for more information.


Which dependencies do you want to check? Can be a character vector (selecting from "Depends", "Imports", "LinkingTo", "Suggests", or "Enhances"), or a logical vector.

TRUE is shorthand for "Depends", "Imports", "LinkingTo" and "Suggests". NA is shorthand for "Depends", "Imports" and "LinkingTo" and is the default. FALSE is shorthand for no dependencies (i.e. just check this package, not its dependencies).

The value "soft" means the same as TRUE, "hard" means the same as NA.

You can also specify dependencies from one or more additional fields, common ones include:

  • Config/Needs/website - for dependencies used in building the pkgdown site.

  • Config/Needs/coverage for dependencies used in calculating test coverage.


Remove all files generated by the build, even if there were copies there before.


Should package dependencies be upgraded? One of "default", "ask", "always", or "never". "default" respects the value of the R_REMOTES_UPGRADE environment variable if set, and falls back to "ask" if unset. "ask" prompts the user for which out of date packages to upgrade. For non-interactive sessions "ask" is equivalent to "always". TRUE and FALSE are also accepted and correspond to "always" and "never" respectively.


If TRUE, suppresses most output. Set to FALSE if you need to debug.


If TRUE, install the package before building vignettes.


If TRUE, move md intermediates as well as rendered outputs. Most useful when using the keep_md YAML option for Rmarkdown outputs. See

See Also

clean_vignettes() to remove the pdfs in ‘doc’ created from vignettes

clean_vignettes() to remove build tex/pdf files.

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