check_rhub: Run CRAN checks for package on R-hub

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Run CRAN checks for package on R-hub


It runs build() on the package, with the arguments specified in args, and then submits it to the R-hub builder at The interactive option controls whether the function waits for the check output. Regardless, after the check is complete, R-hub sends an email with the results to the package maintainer.


  pkg = ".",
  platforms = NULL,
  email = NULL,
  interactive = TRUE,
  build_args = NULL,



The package to use, can be a file path to the package or a package object. See as.package() for more information.


R-hub platforms to run the check on. If NULL uses default list of CRAN checkers (one for each major platform, and one with extra checks if you have compiled code). You can also specify your own, see rhub::platforms() for a complete list.


email address to notify, defaults to the maintainer address in the package.


whether to show the status of the build interactively. R-hub will send an email to the package maintainer's email address, regardless of whether the check is interactive or not.


Arguments passed to R CMD build


extra arguments, passed to rhub::check_for_cran().


a rhub_check object.

About email validation on r-hub

To build and check R packages on R-hub, you need to validate your email address. This is because R-hub sends out emails about build results. See more at rhub::validate_email().

See Also

Other build functions: check_mac_release(), check_win()

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