release: Release package to CRAN.

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Release package to CRAN.


Run automated and manual tests, then post package to CRAN.


release(pkg = ".", check = FALSE, args = NULL)



The package to use, can be a file path to the package or a package object. See as.package() for more information.


if TRUE, run checking, otherwise omit it. This is useful if you've just checked your package and you're ready to release it.


An optional character vector of additional command line arguments to be passed to R CMD build.


The package release process will:

  • Confirm that the package passes R CMD check on relevant platforms

  • Confirm that important files are up-to-date

  • Build the package

  • Submit the package to CRAN, using comments in ""

You can add arbitrary extra questions by defining an (un-exported) function called release_questions() that returns a character vector of additional questions to ask.

You also need to read the CRAN repository policy at '' and make sure you're in line with the policies. release tries to automate as many of polices as possible, but it's impossible to be completely comprehensive, and they do change in between releases of devtools.

See Also

usethis::use_release_issue() to create a checklist of release tasks that you can use in addition to or in place of release.

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