Man pages for dexter
Data Management and Analysis of Tests

abilityEstimate abilities
add_bookletAdd response data to a project
add_item_propertiesAdd item properties to a project
add_person_propertiesAdd person properties to a project
close_projectClose a project
coef.p2passextract equating information
coef.prmsextract enorm item parameters
design_infoInformation about the design
dexter-packageDexter: data analyses for educational and psychological...
DIFExploratory test for Differential Item Functioning
distractor_plotDistractor plot
fit_domainsEstimate the Rasch and the Interaction model per domain
fit_enormFit the extended nominal response model
fit_interEstimate the Interaction and the Rasch model
get_bookletsBooklets entered in a project
get_designTest design
get_itemsItems in a project
get_personsPersons in a project
get_resp_dataFunctions for developers
get_responsesSelecting data
get_rulesGet scoring rules
get_testscoresProvide test scores
get_variablesVariables that are defined in the project
individual_differencesTest individual differences
informationFunctions of theta
keys_to_rulesDerive scoring rules from keys
latent_corLatent correlations
open_projectOpen an existing project
plausible_scoresGenerate plausible test scores
plausible_valuesDraw plausible values
plot.DIF_statsplot method for pairwise DIF statistics
plot.p2passA plot method for probability_to_pass
plot.prmsPlot for the extended nominal Response model
plot.rimA plot method for the interaction model
probability_to_passThe probability to pass on a reference test given a score on...
profile_plotProfile plot
profilesProfile analysis
ratedDataRated data
ratedDataPropertiesItem properties in the rated data
ratedDataRulesScoring rules for the rated data
read_oplm_parRead item parameters from oplm PAR or CML files
r_score_IMSimulation from the interaction model
standards_3dcStandard setting
standards_dbExport a standard setting database for use by the free 3DC...
start_new_projectStart a new project
start_new_project_from_oplmStart a new project from oplm files
tia_tablesSimple test-item analysis
touch_rulesAdd or modify scoring rules
verbAggrDataVerbal aggression data
verbAggrPropertiesItem properties in the verbal aggression data
verbAggrRulesScoring rules for the verbal aggression data
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