fit_inter: Estimate the Interaction and the Rasch model

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Estimate the Interaction and the Rasch model


Estimate the parameters of the Interaction model and the Rasch model


fit_inter(dataSrc, predicate = NULL)



a connection to a dexter database, a matrix, or a data.frame with columns: person_id, item_id, item_score


An optional expression to subset data, if NULL all data is used


Unlike the Rasch model, the interaction model cannot be computed concurrently for a whole design of test forms. This function therefore fits the Rasch model and the interaction model on complete data. This typically consist of responses to items in one booklet but can also consist of the intersection (common items) in two or more booklets. If the intersection is empty (no common items for all persons), the function will exit with an error message.


An object of class rim holding results for the Rasch model and the interaction model.

See Also

plot.rim, fit_domains


db = start_new_project(verbAggrRules, ":memory:")
add_booklet(db, verbAggrData, "agg")

m = fit_inter(db, booklet_id=='agg')
plot(m, "S1DoScold", show.observed=TRUE)


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