touch_rules: Add or modify scoring rules

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Add or modify scoring rules


It is occasionally necessary to alter or add a scoring rule, e.g. in case of a key error. This function offers the possibility to do so and also allows you to add new items to your project


touch_rules(db, rules)



a connection to a dexter project database


A data frame with columns item_id, response, and item_score. The order is not important but spelling is. Any other columns will be ignored. See details


The rules should contain all rules that you want to change or add. This means that in case of a key error in a single multiple choice question, you typically have to change two rules.


If the scoring rules pass a sanity check, a small summary of changes is printed and nothing is returned. Otherwise this function returns a data frame listing the problems found, with 4 columns:


id of the problematic item


if TRUE, the item has only one distinct score


if TRUE, the item contains two or more identical response categories


if TRUE, the minimum score of the item was not 0


## Not run: \donttest{
# given that in your dexter project there is an mc item with id 'itm_01', 
# which currently has key 'A' but you want to change it to 'C'.

new_rules = data.frame(item_id='itm_01', response=c('A','C'), item_score=c(0,1))
touch_rules(db, new_rules)
## End(Not run)

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