bind_cols: Bind multiple data frames by column

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Bind multiple data frames by column


Bind any number of data frames by column, making a wider result. This is similar to, dfs).

Where possible prefer using a join to combine multiple data frames. bind_cols() binds the rows in order in which they appear so it is easy to create meaningless results without realising it.


  .name_repair = c("unique", "universal", "check_unique", "minimal")



Data frames to combine. Each argument can either be a data frame, a list that could be a data frame, or a list of data frames. Inputs are recycled to the same length, then matched by position.


One of "unique", "universal", or "check_unique". See vctrs::vec_as_names() for the meaning of these options.


A data frame the same type as the first element of ....


df1 <- tibble(x = 1:3)
df2 <- tibble(y = 3:1)
bind_cols(df1, df2)

# Row sizes must be compatible when column-binding
try(bind_cols(tibble(x = 1:3), tibble(y = 1:2)))

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