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Qfun returns the complete log-likelihood that is used to calculate the fraction of missing information.


Qfun(theta, suff.stat, n)



A vector that contains the MLE E(W_1),E(W_2), var(W_1),var(W_2), and cov(W_1,W_2). Typically it is the element theta.em of an object of class ecoML.


A vector of sufficient statistics of E(W_1), E(W_2), var(W_1),var(W_2), and cov(W_1,W_2).


A integer representing the sample size.


Kosuke Imai, Department of Politics, Princeton University, kimai@Princeton.Edu, http://imai.princeton.edu; Ying Lu, Center for Promoting Research Involving Innovative Statistical Methodology (PRIISM), New York University ying.lu@nyu.Edu Aaron Strauss, Department of Politics, Princeton University, abstraus@Princeton.Edu.


Imai, Kosuke, Ying Lu and Aaron Strauss. (2011). “eco: R Package for Ecological Inference in 2x2 Tables” Journal of Statistical Software, Vol. 42, No. 5, pp. 1-23. available at http://imai.princeton.edu/software/eco.html

Imai, Kosuke, Ying Lu and Aaron Strauss. (2008). “Bayesian and Likelihood Inference for 2 x 2 Ecological Tables: An Incomplete Data Approach” Political Analysis, Vol. 16, No. 1 (Winter), pp. 41-69. available at http://imai.princeton.edu/research/eiall.html

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