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This data set contains, on a House district level, the percentage of the vote for the Democratic House candidate, the percentage of the vote for the Democratic presidential candidate (Dukakis), the number of voters who voted for a major party candidate in the presidential race, and the ratio of voters in the House race versus the number who cast a ballot for President. Eleven (11) uncontested races are not included. Dataset compiled and analyzed by Burden and Kimball (1988). Complete dataset and documentation available at ICSPR study number 1140.




A data frame containing 5 variables and 424 observations

X numeric proportion voting for the Democrat in the presidential race
Y numeric proportion voting for the Democrat in the House race
N numeric number of major party voters in the presidential contest
HPCT numeric House election turnout divided by presidential election turnout (set to 1 if House turnout exceeds presidential turnout)
DIST numeric 4-digit ICPSR state and district code: first 2 digits for the state code, last two digits for the district number (e.g., 2106=IL 6th)


Burden, Barry C. and David C. Kimball (1988). “A New Approach To Ticket- Splitting.” The American Political Science Review. vol 92., no. 3, pp. 553-544.

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