editfile: Read edits edits from free-form textfile

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This utility function allows for free editrule definition in a file. One can extract only the numerical (type='num'), only the categorical (type='cat') or all edits (default) in which case an editset is returned. The function first parses all assignments in the file, so it is possible to compute or read a list of categories defining a datamodel for example.


editfile(file, type = c("all", "num", "cat", "mix"), ...)



name of text file to read in


type of edits to extract. Currently, only 'num' (numerical), 'cat' (categorical) and 'all' are implemented.


extra parameters that are currently ignored


editset with all edits if type=all, editarray if type='cat', editmatrix if type='num', editset with conditional edits if type='mix'. If the return value is a list, the elements are named numedits and catedits.

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