generateEdits: Derive all essentially new implicit edits

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Implements the Field Code Forest (FCF) algorithm of Garfinkel et al (1986) to derive all essentially new implicit edits from an editarray. The FCF is really a single, highly unbalanced tree. This algorithm traverses the tree, pruning many unnecessary branches, uses blocks to divide and conquer, and optimizes traversing order. See Van der Loo (2012) for a description of the algorithms.





An editarray


A 3-element named list, where element E is an editarray containing all generated edits. nodes contains information on the number of nodes in the tree and vs the number of nodes traversed and duration contains user, system and elapsed time inseconds. The summary method for editarray prints this information.


R.S. Garfinkel, A.S. Kunnathur and G.E. Liepins (1986). Optimal imputation of erroneous data: categorical data, general edits. Operations Research 34, 744-751.

M.P.J. Van der Loo (2012). Variable elimination and edit generation with a flavour of semigroup algebra (submitted)

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