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Parsing, Applying, and Manipulating Data Cleaning Rules

adddummiesAdd dummy variable to the data.frames, these are needed for...
adjacencyDerive adjecency matrix from collection of edits
as.character.cateditmatrixCoerce an cateditmatrix to a 'character' vector
as.editmatrixCoerce a matrix to an edit matrix.
as.editsetCoerce x to an editset
asLevelsTransform a found solution into a categorical record
as.lp.mipCoerces a 'mip' object into an lpsolve object
as.mipWrite an editset into a mip representation
backtrackerBacktracker: a flexible and generic binary search program
blocksDecompose a matrix or edits into independent blocks
cateditmatrixCreate an editmatrix with categorical variables
checkDatamodelCheck data against a datamodel
conditionGet condition matrix from an editset.
containsDetermine which edits contain which variable(s)
contains.boolmatDetermine if a boolean matrix contains 'var'
datamodelSummarize data model of an editarray in a data.frame
disjunctDecouple a set of conditional edits
duplicated.editarrayCheck for duplicate edit rules
duplicated.editmatrixCheck for duplicate edit rules
echelonBring an (edit) matrix to reduced row echelon form.
editarrayParse textual, categorical edit rules to an editarray
editfileRead edits edits from free-form textfile
editmatrixCreate an editmatrix
editnamesNames of edits
editrules-packageAn overview of the function of package 'editrules'
editrules.plottingGraphical representation of edits
editsExample editrules, used in vignette
editsetRead general edits
editTypeDetermine edittypes in editset based on 'contains(E)'
eliminateEliminate a variable from a set of edit rules
errorLocalizerCreate a backtracker object for error localization
errorLocalizer_mipLocalize errors using a MIP approach.
errorLocationThe errorLocation object
expandEditsExpand an edit expression
fcf.envField code forest algorithm
generateEditsDerive all essentially new implicit edits
getAReturns the coefficient matrix 'A' of linear (in)equalities
getAbReturns augmented matrix representation of edit set.
getArrGet named logical array from editarray
getbReturns the constant part 'b' of a linear (in)equality
gethReturns the derivation history of an edit matrix or array
getIndget index list from editmatrix
getlevelsretrieve level names from editarray
getnamesretrieve edit names from editarray
getOpsReturns the operator part of a linear (in)equality...
getSepget seprator used to seperate variables from levels in...
getUpperBoundsGet upperbounds of edits, given the boundaries of all...
getVarsget names of variables in a set of edits
getVars.cateditmatrixReturns the variable names of an (in)equality 'editmatrix' E
getVars.editarrayget variable names in editarray
getVars.editlistget variable names
getVars.editmatrixReturns the variable names of an (in)equality 'editmatrix' E
impliedValuesRetrieve values stricktly implied by rules
ind2charDerive textual representation from (partial) indices
indFromArrayCompute index from array part of editarray
is.editrulesCheck object class
isFeasibleCheck consistency of set of edits
isNormalizedCheck if an editmatrix is normalized
isObviouslyInfeasibleCheck for obvious contradictions in a set of edits
isObviouslyRedundantFind obvious redundancies in set of edits
isSubsetCheck which edits are dominated by other ones.
localizeWorkhorse function for localizeErrors
localizeErrorsLocalize errors on records in a data.frame.
neditsNumber of edits Count the number of edits in a collection of...
neweditarrayeditarray: logical array where every column corresponds to...
neweditmatrixCreate an 'editmatrix' object from its constituing...
newerrorlocationGenerate new errorlocation object
normalizeNormalizes an editmatrix
parseCatParse a categorical edit expression
parseCatEditparse categorial edit
parseEditsParse a character vector of edits
parseMixParse a mixed edit
parseNumParse a numerical edit expression
print.backtrackerprint a backtracker
print.cateditmatrixprint cateditmatrix
print.editarrayprint editarray
print.editlistprint editset
print.editmatrixprint editmatrix
print.editsetprint editset
print.errorLocationPrint object of class errorLocation
print.violatedEditsPrint violatedEdits
reduceRemove redundant variables and edits.
removeRedundantDummiesRemove redundant dummy variables
separateSeparate an editset into its disconnected blocks and simplify
simplifySimplify logical mixed edits in an editset
softEditsDerive editmatrix with soft constraints based on boundaries...
softEdits.cateditmatrixDerive editmatrix with soft constraints. This is a utility...
softEdits.editarrayDerive editmatrix with soft constraints based on boundaries...
softEdits.editmatrixDerive editmatrix with soft constraints based on boundaries...
subsettingRow index operator for 'editmatrix'
substValueReplace a variable by a value in a set of edits.
violatedEditsCheck data against constraints
writeELAsMipRewrite an editset and reported values into the components...
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