Man pages for enetLTS
Robust and Sparse Methods for High Dimensional Linear and Logistic Regression

coef.enetLTScoefficients from the 'enetLTS' object
cv.enetLTSCross-validation for the 'enetLTS' object
enetLTS-packageRobust and sparse estimation for linear and logistic...
fitted.enetLTSthe fitted values from the '"enetLTS"' object.
lambda00Upper limit of the penalty parameter for 'family="binomial"'
nonzeroCoef.enetLTSnonzero coefficients indices from the '"enetLTS"' object
plotCoef.enetLTScoefficients plots from the '"enetLTS"' object
plotDiagnostic.enetLTSdiagnostics plots from the '"enetLTS"' object
plot.enetLTSplots from the '"enetLTS"' object
plotResid.enetLTSresiduals plots from the '"enetLTS"' object
predict.enetLTSmake predictions from the '"enetLTS"' object.
print.enetLTSprint from the '"enetLTS"' object
residuals.enetLTSthe residuals from the '"enetLTS"' object
weights.enetLTSbinary weights from the '"enetLTS"' object
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