Man pages for erah
Automated Spectral Deconvolution, Alignment, and Metabolite Identification in GC/MS-Based Untargeted Metabolomics

alignCompAlignment of compounds
alignListAlignment list
compInfoInformation of a Compound
computeRIerrorRetention Index Error Computation
createdtCreating Experiment Tables
dataListData list
deconvolveCompDeconvolution of compounds in samples
eRah_DB-classClass '"eRah_DB"'
expClassesExperiment classes
export2CEFExport spectra to CEF
export2MSPExport spectra to MSP
findCompFind a Compound
identifyCompIdentification of compounds
idListIdentification list
importGMDImport MSP files from GMD to R
importMSPImport MSP files to R
MetaboSet-classClass '"MetaboSet"'
mslibMassBank Spectral Library
newExpNew Experiment
phenoDataShow Phenotyphe data
plotAlignPlotting chromatophic profile with and without alignement
plotChrPlotting sample chromatogram
plotProfilePlotting chromatophic profile
plotSpectraPlotting spectra
RawDataParameters-classClass '"RawDataParameters"'
recMissCompMissing compound recovery
sampleInfoInformation of the samples
setAlParSet Alignment Parameters
setDecParSet Software Parameters
show.MetaboSetShow MetaboSet object
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