Man pages for eurostat
Tools for Eurostat Open Data

clean_eurostat_cacheClean Eurostat Cache
convert_time_colTime Column Conversions
cut_to_classesCuts the Values Column into Classes and Polishes the Labels
dic_orderOrder of Variable Levels from Eurostat Dictionary.
eu_countriesCountries and Country Codes
eurostat_geodata_60_2016Geospatial data of Europe from Gisco in 1:60 million scale...
eurostat-packageR Tools for Eurostat open data
eurotime2dateDate Conversion from Eurostat Time Format
eurotime2numConversion of Eurostat Time Format to Numeric
get_bibentryCreate A Data Bibliography
get_eurostatRead Eurostat Data
get_eurostat_dicDownload Eurostat Dictionary
get_eurostat_geospatialDownload Geospatial Data from GISGO
get_eurostat_jsonGet Data from Eurostat API in JSON
get_eurostat_rawDownload Data from Eurostat Database
get_eurostat_tocDownload Table of Contents of Eurostat Data Sets
harmonize_country_codeHarmonize Country Code
label_eurostatGet Eurostat Codes
search_eurostatGrep Datasets Titles from Eurostat
set_eurostat_tocSet Eurostat TOC
tgs00026Auxiliary Data
tidy_eurostatTransform Data into Row-Column-Value Format
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