add_daily_volume: Add a daily volumetric flows column to daily flows

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Add a daily volumetric flows column to daily flows


Add a column of daily volumetric flows to a daily streamflow data set, in units of cubic metres. Converts the discharge to a volume.


add_daily_volume(data, values = Value, station_number)



Data frame of daily data that contains columns of dates, flow values, and (optional) groups (e.g. station numbers). Leave blank or set to NULL if using station_number argument.


Name of column in data that contains numeric flow values, in units of cubic metres per second. Only required if values column name is not 'Value' (default). Leave blank if using station_number argument.


Character string vector of seven digit Water Survey of Canada station numbers (e.g. "08NM116") of which to extract daily streamflow data from a HYDAT database. Requires tidyhydat package and a HYDAT database. Leave blank if using data argument.


A tibble data frame of the source data with an additional column:


daily total volumetric flow, in units of cubic metres


# Run if HYDAT database has been downloaded (using tidyhydat::download_hydat())
if (file.exists(tidyhydat::hy_downloaded_db())) {

# Add a column of daily flow volumes
add_daily_volume(station_number = "08NM116")


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