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fasstr: Analyze, Summarize, and Visualize Daily Streamflow Data


The Flow Analysis Summary Statistics Tool for R, 'fasstr', provides various functions to tidy and screen daily stream discharge data, calculate and visualize various summary statistics and metrics, and compute annual trending and volume frequency analyses. It features useful function arguments for filtering of and handling dates, customizing data and metrics, and the ability to pull daily data directly from the Water Survey of Canada hydrometric database (https://collaboration.cmc.ec.gc.ca/cmc/hydrometrics/www/).


Maintainer: Jon Goetz jon.goetz@gov.bc.ca (ORCID)


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tidyhydat information:

To use the station_number argument of the fasstr functions, please download the latest version of HYDAT using the function:

  • tidyhydat::download_hydat()

For more information on HYDAT

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