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An Extensible Approach to Flux Balance Analysis

decompose_metabolitesDecompose a metabolite table into the metabolite stub itself...
ecoli_coreA small E. coli model, created from a number of sources.
expanded_to_glpkParse a long format metabolic model to a glpk model
expanded_to_gurobiParse a long format metabolic model to a Gurobi model
expanded_to_reactiontblConvert intermediate expanded format back to a reaction table
expanded_to_ROIParse a long format metabolic model to an ROI model
fbarfbar: Flux Balance Analysis in R with a tidy data approach
find_fluxes_dfGiven a metabolic model as a data frame, return a new data...
find_flux_variability_dfGiven a metabolic model as a data frame, return a new data...
gene_associateApply gene expressions to reaction table
gene_evalFunction to estimate the expression levels of gene sets
get_BiGGDownload a model from a BiGG json file
iJO1366A full size E. coli model.
nutrient_typesA subset of exchange reactions annotated to indicate typical...
parse_met_listInternal function: Expand half reaction equations into a long...
reactiontbl_to_expandedParse a reaction table to an intermediate, long format
reactiontbl_to_gurobiParse reaction table to Gurobi format
recompose_metabolitesMerge metabolite stub and compartment to form an id
split_on_arrowInternal function: Splitting reaction equation into substrate...
validate_expandedValidate an expanded model
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