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Data Mining and R Programming for Beginners

accident2014Sample of car accident location in the UK during year 2014.
ADABOOSTClassification using AdaBoost
alcoholAlcohol dataset
APRIORIClassification using APRIORI
apriori-classAPRIORI classification model
augmentationDuplicate and add noise to a dataset
autompgAuto MPG dataset
BAGGINGClassification using Bagging
beetlesFlea beetles dataset
birthBirth dataset
boosting-classBoosting methods model
boxclusClustering Box Plots
britpopPopulation and location of 18 major british cities.
CACorrespondence Analysis (CA)
CARTClassification using CART
cartinfoCART information
cartleafsNumber of Leafs
cartnodesNumber of Nodes
cartplotCART Plot
CDAClassification using Canonical Discriminant Analysis
cda-classCanonical Disciminant Analysis model
closegraphicsClose a graphics device
compareComparison of two sets of clusters
compare.accuracyComparison of two sets of clusters, using accuracy
compare.jaccardComparison of two sets of clusters, using Jaccard index
compare.kappaComparison of two sets of clusters, using kappa
confusionConfuion matrix
cookiesCookies dataset
cookplotPlot the Cook's distance of a linear regression model
correlatedCorrelated variables
cost.curvesPlot Cost Curves
creditCredit dataset
data1"data1" dataset
data2"data2" dataset
data3"data3" dataset
data.diagSquare dataset
data.gaussGaussian mixture dataset
data.parabolParabol dataset
dataset-classTraining set and test set
data.target1Target1 dataset
data.target2Target2 dataset
data.twomoonsTwo moons dataset
data.xorXOR dataset
DBSCANDBSCAN clustering method
dbs-classDBSCAN model
decathlonDecathlon dataset
distplotPlot a k-distance graphic
EMExpectation-Maximization clustering method
em-classExpectation-Maximization model
eucalyptusEucalyptus dataset
evaluationEvaluation of classification or regression predictions
evaluation.accuracyAccuracy of classification predictions
evaluation.adjr2Adjusted R2 evaluation of regression predictions
evaluation.fowlkesmallowsFowlkes–Mallows index
evaluation.jaccardJaccard index
evaluation.kappaKappa evaluation of classification predictions
evaluation.msepMSEP evaluation of regression predictions
evaluation.precisionPrecision of classification predictions
evaluation.r2R2 evaluation of regression predictions
evaluation.recallRecall of classification predictions
exportgraphicsOpen a graphics device
factorial-classFactorial analysis results
FEATURESELECTIONClassification with Feature selection
filter.rulesFiltering a set of rules
frequentwordsFrequent words
general.rulesRemove redundancy in a set of rules
getvocabExtract words and phrases from a corpus
GRADIENTBOOSTINGClassification using Gradient Boosting
HCAHierarchical Cluster Analysis method
internClustering evaluation through internal criteria
intern.dunnClustering evaluation through Dunn's index
intern.interclassClustering evaluation through interclass inertia
intern.intraclassClustering evaluation through intraclass inertia
ionosphereIonosphere dataset
kaiserKaiser rule
KERREGKernel Regression
KMEANSK-means method
kmeans.getkEstimation of the number of clusters for _K_-means
KNNClassification using k-NN
knn-classK Nearest Neighbours model
LDAClassification using Linear Discriminant Analysis
leverageplotPlot the leverage points of a linear regression model
LINREGLinear Regression
linsepLinsep dataset
loadtextload a text file
LRClassification using Logistic Regression
MCAMultiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA)
MEANSHIFTMeanShift method
meanshift-classMeanShift model
MLPClassification using Multilayer Perceptron
MLPREGMulti-Layer Perceptron Regression
model-classGeneric classification or regression model
moviesMovies dataset
NBClassification using Naive Bayes
NMFNon-negative Matrix Factorization
ozoneOzone dataset
params-classLearning Parameters
PCAPrincipal Component Analysis (PCA)
performancePerformance estimation
plotavspPlot actual vs. predictions
plot.cdaPlot function for cda-class
plotcloudPlot word cloud
plotclusGeneric Plot Method for Clustering
plotdataAdvanced plot function
plot.factorialPlot function for factorial-class
plot.somPlot function for som-class
plotzipfPlot rank versus frequency
POLYREGPolynomial Regression
predict.aprioriModel predictions
predict.boostingModel predictions
predict.cdaModel predictions
predict.dbsPredict function for DBSCAN
predict.emPredict function for EM
predict.kmeansPredict function for K-means
predict.knnModel predictions
predict.meanshiftPredict function for MeanShift
predict.modelModel predictions
predict.selectionModel predictions
predict.textminingModel predictions
print.aprioriPrint a classification model obtained by APRIORI
print.factorialPlot function for factorial-class
QDAClassification using Quadratic Discriminant Analysis
query.docsDocument query
query.wordsWord query
RANDOMFORESTClassification using Random Forest
reg1reg1 dataset
reg2reg2 dataset
regplotPlot function for a regression model
resplotPlot the studentized residuals of a linear regression model
roc.curvesPlot ROC Curves
runningtimeRunning time
scatterplotClustering Scatter Plots
selectfeaturesFeature selection for classification
selection-classFeature selection
snoreSnore dataset
SOMSelf-Organizing Maps clustering method
som-classSelf-Organizing Maps model
SPECTRALSpectral clustering method
spectral-classSpectral clustering model
spineSpine dataset
splitdataSplits a dataset into training set and test set
stabilityClustering evaluation through stability
STUMPClassification using one-level decision tree
summary.aprioriPrint summary of a classification model obtained by APRIORI
SVDSingular Value Decomposition
SVMClassification using Support Vector Machine
SVMlClassification using Support Vector Machine with a linear...
SVMrClassification using Support Vector Machine with a radial...
SVRRegression using Support Vector Machine
SVRlRegression using Support Vector Machine with a linear kernel
SVRrRegression using Support Vector Machine with a radial kernel
temperatureTemperature dataset
textmining-classText mining object
titanicTitanic dataset
toggleexportToggle graphic exports
treeplotDendrogram Plots
TSNEt-distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding
universiteUniversity dataset
vectorize.docsDocument vectorization
vectorizer-classDocument vectorization object
vectorize.wordsWord vectorization
vowelsVowels dataset
wheatWheat dataset
wineWine dataset
zooZoo dataset
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