Man pages for fitdistrplus
Help to Fit of a Parametric Distribution to Non-Censored or Censored Data

bootdistBootstrap simulation of uncertainty for non-censored data
bootdistcensBootstrap simulation of uncertainty for censored data
CIcdfplotEmpirical cumulative distribution function with pointwise...
danishDanish reinsurance claim dataset
dataFAQDatasets for the FAQ
descdistDescription of an empirical distribution for non-censored...
detectboundDetect bounds for density function
endosulfanSpecies Sensitivity Distribution (SSD) for endosulfan
fitdistFit of univariate distributions to non-censored data
fitdistcensFitting of univariate distributions to censored data
fitdistrplusOverview of the 'fitdistrplus' package
fluazinamSpecies-Sensitivity Distribution (SSD) for Fluazinam
fremaleFictive survival dataset of a french Male population
gofstatGoodness-of-fit statistics
graphcompGraphical comparison of multiple fitted distributions (for...
graphcompcensGraphical comparison of multiple fitted distributions for...
groundbeefGround beef serving size data set
logLik-plot(Log)likelihood plot for a fit using maximum likelihood
logLik-surface(Log)likelihood surfaces or (log)likelihood curves
mgedistMaximum goodness-of-fit fit of univariate continuous...
mledistMaximum likelihood fit of univariate distributions
mmedistMatching moment fit of univariate distributions
msedistMaximum spacing estimation of univariate distributions
plotdistPlot of empirical and theoretical distributions for...
plotdistcensPlot of empirical and theoretical distributions for censored...
prefitPre-fitting procedure
qmedistQuantile matching fit of univariate distributions
quantileQuantile estimation from a fitted distribution
salinitySpecies-Sensitivity Distribution (SSD) for salinity tolerance
smokedfishContamination data of Listeria monocytogenes in smoked fish
Surv2fitdistcensHandling of data formated as in the survival package for use...
toxocaraParasite abundance in insular feral cats
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