flexclust: Flexible Cluster Algorithms

The main function kcca implements a general framework for k-centroids cluster analysis supporting arbitrary distance measures and centroid computation. Further cluster methods include hard competitive learning, neural gas, and QT clustering. There are numerous visualization methods for cluster results (neighborhood graphs, convex cluster hulls, barcharts of centroids, ...), and bootstrap methods for the analysis of cluster stability.

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AuthorFriedrich Leisch [aut, cre], Evgenia Dimitriadou [ctb]
Date of publication2013-07-02 12:32:50
MaintainerFriedrich Leisch <Friedrich.Leisch@R-project.org>

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Man pages

achieve: Achievement Test Scores for New Haven Schools

auto: Automobile Customer Survey Data

barplot-methods: Barplot/chart Methods in Package 'flexclust'

birth: Birth and Death Rates

bootFlexclust: Bootstrap Flexclust Algorithms

bundestag: German Parliament Election Data

bwplot-methods: Box-Whisker Plot Methods in Package 'flexclust'

cclust: Convex Clustering

clusterSim: Cluster Similarity Matrix

conversion: Conversion Between S3 Partition Objects and KCCA

dentitio: Dentition of Mammals

dist2: Compute pairwise distances between two data sets

distances: Distance and Centroid Computation

flexclustControl-class: Classes "flexclustControl" and "cclustControl"

flxColors: Flexclust Color Palettes

image-methods: Methods for Function image in Package 'flexclust'

info: Get Information on Fitted Flexclust Objects

kcca: K-Centroids Cluster Analysis

kcca2df: Convert Cluster Result to Data Frame

milk: Milk of Mammals

Nclus: Artificial Example with 4 Gaussians

nutrient: Nutrients in Meat, Fish and Fowl

pairs: Methods for Function pairs in Package 'flexclust'

parameters: Get Centroids from KCCA Object

plot-methods: Methods for Function plot in Package 'flexclust'

predict-methods: Predict Cluster Membership

priceFeature: Artificial 2d Market Segment Data

projAxes: Add Arrows for Projected Axes to a Plot

propBarchart: Barcharts and Boxplots for Columns of a Data Matrix Split by...

qtclust: Stochastic QT Clustering

randIndex: Compare Partitions

randomTour: Plot a Random Tour

shadow: Cluster shadows and silhouettes

shadowStars: Shadow Stars

stepFlexclust: Run Flexclust Algorithms Repeatedly

stripes: Stripes Plot

volunteers: Motivation of Australian Volunteers


achieve Man page
as.kcca Man page
as.kcca.hclust Man page
as.kcca.kmeans Man page
as.kcca.partition Man page
as.kcca.skmeans Man page
auto Man page
barchart,kcca-method Man page
barchart,kccasimple-method Man page
barplot,kcca-method Man page
barplot,kccasimple-method Man page
birth Man page
bootFlexclust Man page
bootFlexclust-class Man page
boxplot,bootFlexclust-method Man page
btw2002 Man page
btw2005 Man page
btw2009 Man page
bundestag Man page
bwplot,kcca-method Man page
bwplot,kccasimple-method Man page
cclust Man page
cclustControl Man page
cclustControl-class Man page
centAngle Man page
centMean Man page
centMedian Man page
centOptim Man page
centOptim01 Man page
clusters,flexclust,ANY-method Man page
clusters,flexclust,missing-method Man page
clusterSim Man page
clusterSim,kcca-method Man page
clusterSim,kccasimple-method Man page
coerce,kccasimple,kmeans-method Man page
coerce,list,cclustControl-method Man page
coerce,list,flexclustControl-method Man page
coerce,NULL,cclustControl-method Man page
coerce,NULL,flexclustControl-method Man page
comPart Man page
comPart,flexclust,flexclust-method Man page
comPart,flexclust,numeric-method Man page
comPart,numeric,flexclust-method Man page
comPart,numeric,numeric-method Man page
densityplot,bootFlexclust-method Man page
dentitio Man page
dist2 Man page
distances Man page
distAngle Man page
distCanberra Man page
distCor Man page
distEuclidean Man page
distJaccard Man page
distManhattan Man page
distMax Man page
distMinkowski Man page
flexclust-class Man page
flexclustControl Man page
flexclustControl-class Man page
flxColors Man page
getModel Man page
getModel,stepFlexclust-method Man page
groupBWplot Man page
image,kcca-method Man page
image,kccasimple-method Man page
info,flexclust,character-method Man page
kcca Man page
kcca2df Man page
kcca-class Man page
kccaFamily Man page
kccaFamily-class Man page
kccasimple-class Man page
milk Man page
Nclus Man page
nutrient Man page
pairs,kcca-method Man page
pairs,kccasimple-method Man page
panelShadowBP Man page
panelShadowSkeleton Man page
panelShadowStripes Man page
panelShadowViolin Man page
parameters Man page
parameters,kccasimple-method Man page
placeLabels Man page
placeLabels,projAxes-method Man page
plot,bootFlexclust,missing-method Man page
plot,kcca,missing-method Man page
plot,kccasimple,missing-method Man page
plot.priceFeature Man page
plot,projAxes,missing-method Man page
plot,shadow,ANY-method Man page
plot,Silhouette,ANY-method Man page
plot,stepFlexclust,missing-method Man page
predict,kccasimple-method Man page
priceFeature Man page
projAxes Man page
projAxes-class Man page
propBarchart Man page
propBarchart-class Man page
qtclust Man page
randIndex Man page
randIndex,ANY,ANY-method Man page
randIndex,table,missing-method Man page
randomTour Man page
randomTour,ANY-method Man page
randomTour,flexclust-method Man page
randomTourMatrix Man page
randomTour,matrix-method Man page
shadow Man page
shadow,kccasimple-method Man page
shadowStars Man page
show,bootFlexclust-method Man page
show,kccasimple-method Man page
show,propBarchart-method Man page
show,shadow-method Man page
show,Silhouette-method Man page
show,stepFlexclust-method Man page
Silhouette Man page
Silhouette,kcca-method Man page
stepcclust Man page
stepFlexclust Man page
[[,stepFlexclust,ANY,missing-method Man page
stepFlexclust-class Man page
stripes Man page
summary,bootFlexclust-method Man page
summary,kccasimple-method Man page
summary,propBarchart-method Man page
volunteers Man page
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