Man pages for flexclust
Flexible Cluster Algorithms

achieveAchievement Test Scores for New Haven Schools
autoAutomobile Customer Survey Data
barplot-methodsBarplot/chart Methods in Package 'flexclust'
bclustBagged Clustering
birthBirth and Death Rates
bootFlexclustBootstrap Flexclust Algorithms
bundestagGerman Parliament Election Data
bwplot-methodsBox-Whisker Plot Methods in Package 'flexclust'
cclustConvex Clustering
clusterSimCluster Similarity Matrix
conversionConversion Between S3 Partition Objects and KCCA
dentitioDentition of Mammals
dist2Compute Pairwise Distances Between Two Data sets
distancesDistance and Centroid Computation
flexclustControl-classClasses "flexclustControl" and "cclustControl"
flxColorsFlexclust Color Palettes
histogram-methodsMethods for Function histogram in Package 'flexclust'
image-methodsMethods for Function image in Package 'flexclust'
infoGet Information on Fitted Flexclust Objects
kccaK-Centroids Cluster Analysis
kcca2dfConvert Cluster Result to Data Frame
milkMilk of Mammals
NclusArtificial Example with 4 Gaussians
nutrientNutrients in Meat, Fish and Fowl
pairsMethods for Function pairs in Package 'flexclust'
parametersGet Centroids from KCCA Object
plot-methodsMethods for Function plot in Package 'flexclust'
predict-methodsPredict Cluster Membership
priceFeatureArtificial 2d Market Segment Data
projAxesAdd Arrows for Projected Axes to a Plot
propBarchartBarcharts and Boxplots for Columns of a Data Matrix Split by...
qtclustStochastic QT Clustering
randIndexCompare Partitions
randomTourPlot a Random Tour
relabelRelabel Cluster Results.
shadowCluster Shadows and Silhouettes
shadowStarsShadow Stars
slsaplotSegment Level Stability Across Solutions Plot.
slswFlexclustSegment Level Stability Within Solution.
stepFlexclustRun Flexclust Algorithms Repeatedly
stripesStripes Plot
vacmotVacation Motives of Australians
volunteersMotivation of Australian Volunteers
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