Man pages for forecastML
Time Series Forecasting with Machine Learning Methods

combine_forecastsCombine multiple horizon-specific forecast models to produce...
create_lagged_dfCreate model training and forecasting datasets with lagged,...
create_skeletonRemove the features from a lagged training dataset to reduce...
create_windowsCreate time-contiguous validation datasets for model...
data_buoyNOAA buoy weather data
data_buoy_gapsNOAA buoy weather data
data_seatbeltsRoad Casualties in Great Britain 1969-84
fill_gapsPrepare a dataset for modeling by filling in temporal gaps in...
plot.forecast_errorPlot forecast error
plot.forecastMLPlot an object of class 'forecastML'
plot.forecast_model_hyperPlot hyperparameters
plot.forecast_resultsPlot an object of class forecast_results
plot.lagged_dfPlot datasets with lagged features
plot.training_resultsPlot an object of class training_results
plot.validation_errorPlot validation dataset forecast error
plot.windowsPlot validation datasets
predict.forecast_modelPredict on validation datasets or forecast
return_errorCompute forecast error
return_hyperReturn model hyperparameters across validation datasets
summary.lagged_dfReturn a summary of a lagged_df object
train_modelTrain a model across horizons and validation datasets
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