Man pages for fsthet
Fst-Heterozygosity Smoothed Quantiles

allele.countsThis counts the number of alleles at a locus.
binsExample heterozygosity bins from fsthet.
calc.actual.fstThis calcualtes global Fsts from a genepop dataframe.
calc.allele.freqThis calculates allele frequencies.
calc.betahatThis calculates beta-hat, the Fst value used in Lositan.
calc.exp.hetThis calculates expected heterozygosities.
calc.fstThis calculates Fst.
calc.thetaThis calculates theta.
ci.meansThis calculates the average confidence intervals from...
cisExample dataframe of smoothed quantiles from fsthet
cis.listExample list of CI matrices from bootstrap output from...
fhetbootThis is a wrapper to run the bootstrapping and plot the...
find.outliersThis identifies all of the SNPs outside of the smoothed...
find.quantilesGenerates quantiles from binned Fst values
fst.bootThis is the major bootstrapping function to calculate...
fst.boot.meansCalculates mean values within the bins.
fst.boot.onecolThis bootstraps across all individuals to calculate a...
fsthetThis is a wrapper to generate and plot the smoothed quantiles...
fst.options.printThis prints the options for choosing an Fst calculation.
fstsExample fst calculations from a genepop file.
fsts.betaExample fst calculations from a genepop file.
fsts.betahatExample fst calculations from a genepop file.
fsts.thetaExample fst calculations from a genepop file.
gpopExample genepop file from numerical simulations
make.binsThis sorts Fst values into a designated number of overlapping... reads a genepop file into R
p.bootCalculates mean values within the bins.
plotting.cisThis plots a dataframe of fsts with bootstrapped confidence...
quant.outExample fsthet output based on numerical simulations
remove.spacesThis removes spaces from a character vector
var.fstThis calculates Cockerham & Weir's Beta.
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