Man pages for gMCP
Graph Based Multiple Comparison Procedures

bdiagNACreate a Block Diagonal Matrix with NA outside the diagonal
bonferroni.testWeighted Bonferroni-test
bonferroni.trimmed.simes.testTrimmed Simes test for intersections of two hypotheses and...
calcPowerCalculate power values
confintSimultaneous confidence intervals for sequentially rejective...
corMatWizardGraphical User Interface for the creation of correlation...
doInterimEXPERIMENTAL: Evaluate conditional errors at interim for a...
entangledClass entangledMCP
exampleGraphsFunctions that create different example graphs
extractPowerCalculate power values
getJavaInfoGet Memory and Runtime Info from JVM
gMCPGraph based Multiple Comparison Procedures
gMCP.extendedGraph based Multiple Comparison Procedures
gMCP-packageGraphical described Multiple Comparison Procedures
gMCPReportAutomatic Generation of gMCP Reports
gMCPResultClass gMCPResult
gPADInterimClass gPADInterim
graphAnalysisAnalysis of a gMCP-Graph
graphGUIGraphical User Interface for graphical described multiple...
graphMCPClass graphMCP
graphTestMultiple testing using graphs
hydroquinoneHydroquinone Mutagenicity Assay
joinGraphsJoins two graphMCP objects
matrix2graphMatrix2Graph and Graph2Matrix
parametric.testWeighted parametric test
placeNodesPlacement of graph nodes
plotSimCIPlot confidence intervals
rejectNodeRejects a node/hypothesis and updates the graph accordingly.
replaceVariablesReplaces variables in a general graph with specified numeric...
rqmvnormRandom sample from the multivariate normal distribution
sampSizeSample size calculations
sampSizeCoreFunction for sample size calculation
secondStageTestEXPERIMENTAL: Construct a valid level alpha test for the...
simes.on.subsets.testSimes on subsets, otherwise Bonferroni
simes.testWeighted Simes test
simvastatinSimvastatin and Colesevelam Treatment in Patients with...
subgraphGet a subgraph
substituteEpsSubstitute Epsilon
unitTestsGMCPRun the R unit (and optional the JUnit) test suite for gMCP
weighted.test.functionsWeighted Test Functions for use with gMCP
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