3D b-table Vectors for Data Acquisition


3D grid file containing the sampling points used in diffusion data acquisition for file ‘data.nii.gz’.


data.bvec’ is in ASCII format, specified as a sequence of values, as produced by the 'dcm2nii' tool, and compatible with the formats used in the 'DSI_Studio' and 'Dipy' toolboxes.


The file ‘data.bvec’ has 203 points uniformly distributed on a 3D (DSI) grid limited to the volume of the unit sphere. The data set ‘data.nii.gz’ is NIfTI-converted from the DICOM data set provided by the Advanced Biomedical MRI Lab, National Taiwan University Hospital, under the designation ‘DSI 203-point 3mm’.


Yeh, F.-C., Wedeen, V. J., and Tseng, W.-Y. I. Generalized q-Sampling Imaging. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 29, 9 (2010), 1626–1635.

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