data_V1: ODF First Principal Directions File

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The ‘data_V1’ contains the first principal directions of the Orientation Distribution Function (ODF)of the fibres at each ‘data’ voxel, based on the GQI method.


The file ‘data.nii.gz’ is in gzipped NIfTI format. The R-package oro.nifti is required to read NIfTI files.


The file ‘data_V1’ was produced by the function gqi.odfvmf (using the default arguments). Functions for visualization of RGB maps and line-maps are included in gdimap. The output files ‘data_V1.nii.gz’ and ‘data_gfa_gqi.nii.gz’ are compatible with the "FSL/fslview" tool for RGB map and line map visualization.

For reasons of limited CRAN storage space, the source data set contains just 4 coronal slices as indicated in data.


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