data: A Real Dataset for Diffusion MRI Analysis

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The data set ‘data.nii.gz’ is a gzipped NIfTI data set converted from the original DICOM data set provided by the Advanced Biomedical MRI Lab, National Taiwan University Hospital, under the designation ‘DSI 203-point 3mm’.

For reasons of limited CRAN storage space, a trimmed down data set with just 4 coronal slices was selected. Coronal slices (29:32) were extracted from the original data set. Hence, the argument bview="coronal" is used in the examples, and the range of coronal slices is (1:4). User specified complete data sets may be used without restrictions.


The file ‘data.nii.gz’ is in gzipped NIfTI format. The R-package oro.nifti is required to read NIfTI files.


The data set is included in the DSI Studio package, publicly available from the NITRC repository. This data set is from a normal 24-year-old male volunteer, and has been provided as a demonstration data set in connection with the DSI Studio software for diffusion MR image analysis. The data set was obtained with an echo planar imaging diffusion sequence with twice-refocused echo, dimension 64x64x40, and slice thickness 2.9mm. Further details on the data set specification are available from the NITRC repository.


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NITRC repository,

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