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Generalized Granger-Causality. If dif>0, x2 Granger-causes x1.


The usual Granger-causality assumes linear regressions. This allows nonlinear nonparametric kernel regressions using a local constat (lc) option. Calls GcRsqYXc for R square from kernel regression. R^2[x1=f(x1,x2)] choosing GcRsqYXc(y=x1, x=x2). The name ā€˜cā€™ in the function refers to local constant option of kernel regressions.' It predicts x1 from both x1 and x2 using all information till time (t-1). It also calls GcRsqYXc again after flipping x1 and x2. It returns RsqX1onX2, RsqX2onX1 and the difference dif=(RsqX1onX2-RsqX2onX1) If (dif>0) the regression x1=f(x1,x2) is better than the flipped version implying that x1 is more predictable or x2 Granger-causes x1 x2 ā€“> x1, rather than vice versa. The kernel regressions use regtype="lc" for local constant, bwmethod="cv.ls" for least squares-based bandwidth selection.


GcRsqX12c(x1, x2, px1 = 4, px2 = 4, pwanted = 4, ctrl = 0)



The data vector x1


The data vector x2


number of lags of x1 in the data default px1=4


number of lags of x2 in the data, default px2=4


number of lags of both x2 and x1 wanted for Granger causal analysis, default =4


data matrix for designated control variable(s) outside causal paths default=0 means no control variables are present


This function returns 3 numbers: RsqX1onX2, RsqX2onX1 and dif

returns a list of 3 numbers. RsqX1onX2=(Rsquare of kernel regression of X1 on X1 and X2), RsqX2onX1= (Rsquare of kernel regression of x2 on X2 and X1), and the difference between the two Rquares called dif


Prof. H. D. Vinod, Economics Dept., Fordham University, NY.


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