Man pages for geoBayes
Analysis of Geostatistical Data using Bayes and Empirical Bayes Methods

alik_cutoffApproximate log-likelihood calculation
alik_inlaLog-likelihood approximation
alik_optimLog-likelihood maximisation
bf1skelComputation of Bayes factors at the skeleton points
bf2newCompute the Bayes factors at new points
bf2optimEmpirical Bayes estimator
bf2seEmpirical Bayes standard errors
bmbfseBatch means, Bayes factors standard errors
geoBayesThe 'geoBayes' package
geoBayes_correlationSpatial correlation used in the geoBayes package
geoBayes_modelsModels used in the geoBayes package
linkfcnCalculate the link function for exponential families
mcmcmakeConvert to an 'mcmc' object
mcsglmmMCMC samples from the Spatial GLMM
mcstrgaMCMC samples from the transformed Gaussian model
mkpredgrid2dMake prediction grid
plotbf2Plot the estimated Bayes factors
revlogregReverse logistic regression estimation
rhizoctoniaRhizoctonia root rot infections
rsglmmSimulation from a spatial model
spcovarianceSpatial variance-covariance matrix
sploglikSpatial log likelihood
sploglik_crossSpatial log likelihood
stackdataCombine 'data.frame's
subset.geomcmcSubset MCMC chain
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