rhizoctonia: Rhizoctonia root rot infections

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Rhizoctonia root rot infections.




A data frame with 100 rows and 5 variables.


A dataset containing the number of infected roots and the sample coordinate. The data were collected by Dr Jim Cook at Washington State University.

  • Xcoord Longitude of the sampling location.

  • Ycoord Latitude of the sampling location.

  • Total Total number of roots sampled at that location.

  • Infected Number of infected roots found at that location.

  • Yield Barley yield at that location. These data were obtained by hand-harvesting a 4-square-meter area in the sampling location. One observation is missing.


We acknowledge Hao Zhang for providing these data.




Zhang, H. (2002). On estimation and prediction for spatial generalized linear mixed models. Biometrics, 58(1), 129-136.

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