sploglik: Spatial log likelihood

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Spatial joint log likelihood


sploglik(pargrid, runs, transf = c("no", "mu", "wo"))



A data frame with components "linkp", "phi", "omg", "kappa". Each row gives a combination of the parameters to compute the log-likelihood.


A list with outputs from the function mcsglmm or mcstrga.


Whether to use a transformed sample for the computations. If "no" or FALSE, it doesn't. If "mu" or TRUE, it uses the samples for the mean. If "wo" it uses an alternative transformation. The latter can be used only for the families indicated by .geoBayes_models$haswo.


Computes the joint log likelihood log f(y,T(z)|parameters) where T(z) is the transformation, for each (y,z) in runs and for parameters in pargrid up to a constant which does not depend on the parameters. The parameters beta and sigma^2 are integrated out.


A matrix with number of rows the total number of samples in runs and number of columns the number of rows in pargrid. The [i,j] element of the matrix is the value of the loglikelihood at the ith sample when all samples in runs are put together evaluated at the jth parameter value.

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