Man pages for ggPMX
'ggplot2' Based Tool to Facilitate Diagnostic Plots for NLME Models

abbrevGive the whole abbreviation definition
add_draftAdd draft layer annotation
check_shrinkPerforms checks of names in shrink list
distribcreates a graphic distribution object
eta_covThis creates an ETA covariance matrix which can be used to...
eta_cov_plotEta Covariates plots
eta_distribution_plotEta distribution plots
eta_pairsThis creates an eta correlation which defines the...
eval_sym_parent_envTry to evaluate a symbol in the parent frame (on errorr eturn...
get_abbrevGet abbreviation definition by key
get_catsGet category covariates
get_contsGet continuous covariates
get_covariatesGet covariates variables
get_dataGet controller data set
get_occGet controller occasional covariates
get_plotGet plot object
get_plot_configGet the plot config by name
getPmxOptionGet ggPMX Option
get_stratsGet extra stratification variables
ggPMXggPMX: A ggplot2 toolbox for Nonlinear Mixed-Effect Model...
gtable_remove_grobsRemove named elements from gtable
individualThis function can be used to obtain individual prediction and...
input_finegridMerge input and fingrid data sets
is.pmx_gparCheck if an object is a pmx_gpar class
l_left_joinMerge 2 lists
load_configObtain the data source config
load_data_setLoad data set
load_sourceLoad all/or some source data set
n_pagesDetermine the number of pages in a paginated facet plot
param_tableCreates parameter kable
parse_mlxtranParse MONOLIX mlxtran file
pk_occCreates pmx controller using monlix data having Occasional...
pk_pdCreates pkpd pmx controller using package internal data
plot_namesGet plot names
plot_pmxThis is a generic plot method that produces all plots by...
plot_pmx.distribPlot EBE distribution
plot_pmx.eta_covThis plots an ETA covariance matrix which can be used to...
plot_pmx.eta_pairsPlot random effect correlation plot
plot_pmx_gpar_realThe ggPMX base plot function
plot_pmx.individualThis function can be used to plot individual prediction and...
plot_pmx.pmx_densThis function plots EBE versus covariates using qq plots
plot_pmx.pmx_qqThis function plot EBE versus covariates using qq plots
plot_pmx.residualThis function plots residual for each observed value by...
plotsGet plots description
plot_shrinkPlot shrink in eta matric
pmxCreate a pmx object
pmx_bloqCreates BLOQ object attributes
pmx_combine_tablesCombine tables
pmx_comp_shrinkCompute Shrinkage
pmx_configThis function can be used to define the pmx configuration...
pmx_copyCreates a deep copy of the controller
pmx_covSelect/Map covariates using human labels
pmx_densCreates a density plot object
pmx_endpointCreates pmx endpoint object
pmx_file_pathGenerate clean file paths
pmx_filterfilter data in a pmx controller
pmx_get_configsGet List of built-in configurations
pmx_get_extensionGet file extension
pmx_gparHandling pmx Graphical parameters
pmx_index_tableIndex table columns
pmx_is.nm.table.listTest for nm_table_list class
pmx_list_nm_tablesList NONMEM output tables
pmx_list_nm_tables_manualCreates an nm_table_list from manually defined table name...
pmx_make_extensionGenerate extension string
pmx_manual_nm_importManually define nonmem tables to be imported
pmx_merge_firstonlyMerge firstonly table with full length tables
pmx_msgMessage function
pmx_nlmixrCreates pmx controller from an nlimxr fit object
pmx_nmCreates pmx controller from NONMEM model outputs
pmxOptionsThis function can be used to set ggPMX options
pmx_parse_nm_filesParse NONMEM output files
pmx_plotGeneric pmx plot
pmx_plot_catsGeneric pmx stratified plot
pmx_plot_eta_matrixEta matrix plot
pmx_plot_individualIndividual plot
pmx_plot_iwres_densIWRES density plot
pmx_plot_vpcVPC plot
pmx_qqThis function creates a qq plot object
pmx_qq_plotQuantile-quantile plots
pmx_raw_to_tibbleConvert raw strings to tibble
pmx_read_argsDefine data import arguments
pmx_read_funsDefine data import functions
pmx_read_nm_filesNONMEM output file import function
pmx_read_nm_modelNONMEM model file parser
pmx_read_nm_tablesNONMEM output table import function
pmx_register_plotRegister plot
pmx_reportGenerates ggpmX report from a pre-defined template
pmx_report_templateGets build-in report templates
pmx_settingsCreate controller global settings
pmx_shrinkCreate shrinkage parameter object
pmx_simCreate simulation object
pmx_themeDefine ggPMX theme
pmx_tidyr_new_interfaceCheck tidyr version
pmx_updateUpdate plot object
pmx_update_extensionUpdate file extension
pmx_vpcCreates vpc object
pmx_vpc_binCreates vpc bins
pmx_vpc_ciSets vpc confidence interval layer
pmx_vpc_obsSets vpc observation layer
pmx_vpc_piSets vpc percentile layer
pmx_vpc_rugSets vpc rug layer
print.abbreviationS3 print abbreviation
print.configsThis function can be used to print configuration of the...
print.pmxClassPrint pmxClass object
print.pmxConfigS3 method print pmxConfig object
print.pmx_gparPrint pmx_gpar object
read_extfileReads .ext files generated by NONMEM
read_inputRead Modelling input data
read_mlx_ind_estRead MONOLIX individual parameters
read_mlx_par_estRead MONOLIX parameter estimation file
read_mlx_predRead MONOLIX model predictions
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
residualThis function create a residual for each observed value and...
residual_scatterScatter residual plots
set_abbrevupdate or add a new abbreviation
set_dataSet a controller data set
set_plotCreate a new plot of the desired type
sub-.pmx_gparMethod for subsetting "pmx_gpar" objects
theophyllineCreates pmx controller using theophylline data
wrap_formulamerge facets formula with new formula
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