Man pages for glarma
Generalized Linear Autoregressive Moving Average Models

AsthmaDaily Presentations of Asthma at Campbelltown Hospital
coef.glarmaExtract GLARMA Model Coefficients
DriverDeathsSingle Vehicle Nighttime Driver Deaths in Utah
extractAIC.glarmaExtract AIC from a GLARMA Model
fitted.glarmaExtract GLARMA Model Fitted Values
forecastForecasting GLARMA time series
glarmaGeneralized Linear Autoregressive Moving Average Models with...
initialInitial Parameter Generator for GLARMA from GLM
likTestsLikelihood Ratio Test and Wald Test for 'GLARMA' Fit
logLik.glarmaExtract Log-Likelihood from GLARMA Models
model.frame.glarmaExtracting the Model Frame of the GLARMA Model
mySolveMatrix Inversion of the Hessian of the Log-Likelihood
nobs.glarmaExtract the Number of Observations from a GLARMA Model Fit
OxBoatRaceOxford-Cambridge Boat Race
paramGenParameter Generators
PITNon-randomized Probability Integral Transformation
plot.glarmaPlot Diagnostics for a 'glarma' Object
plotPITPIT Plots for a 'glarma' Object
PolioCases of Poliomyelitis in the U.S.
randPITRandom normal probability integral transformation
residuals.glarmaExtract GLARMA Model Residuals
RobberyConvictCourt Convictions for Armed Robbery in New South Wales
summary.glarmaSummarize GLARMA Fit
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