grofit: The package was developed to fit fit many growth curves obtained under different conditions.

The package was developed to fit fit many growth curves obtained under different conditions in order to derive a conclusive dose-response curve, for instance for a compound that potentially affects growth. grofit fits data to different parametric models (function gcFitModel) and in addition provides a model free spline fit (function gcFitSpline) to circumvent systematic errors that might occur within application of parametric methods.

AuthorMatthias Kahm, Maik Kschischo
Date of publication2014-10-06 15:21:13
MaintainerBilly Aung Myint <>

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Man pages

drBootSpline: Function to create a bootstrap sample of splines fitted to...

drFit: Function to run the dose-response curve fit and EC50...

drFitSpline: Function to fit smoothed splines to dose reponse data.

gcBootSpline: Function to generate a bootstrap sample from a dataset of...

gcFit: Function to run growth curve fitting on several data sets...

gcFitModel: Function to fit parametric models to growth data.

gcFitSpline: Function to fit smoothed splines to growth data.

gompertz: Gompertz growth law

gompertz.exp: Modified Gompertz growth law

grofit: Standard workflow

grofit.control: Function to set all available grofit options Example of growth data

grofit-package: The package was developd to fit fit many growth curves...

grofit.time: Example of growth data.

initgompertz: Function to generate initial values for parameter estimation

initgompertz.exp: Function to generate initial values for parameter estimation

initlogistic: Function to generate initial values for parameter estimation

initrichards: Function to generate initial values for parameter estimation

logistic: Logistic growth law

low.integrate: Function to estimate the area under a curve given as...

plot.drBootSpline: Generic plot function for drBootSpline objects

plot.drFit: Generic plot function for drFit objects

plot.drFitSpline: Generic plot function for drFitSpline objects

plot.gcBootSpline: Generic plot function for gcBootSpline objects

plot.gcFit: Generic plot function for gcFit objects

plot.gcFitModel: Generic plot function for gcFitModel objects

plot.gcFitSpline: Generic plot function for gcFitSpline objects Function to generate example data for grofit

richards: Richards growth law

summary.drBootSpline: Generic summary function for drBootSpline object

summary.drFit: Generic summary function for drFit object

summary.drFitSpline: Generic summary function for drFitSpline object

summary.gcBootSpline: Generic summary function for gcBootSpline object

summary.gcFit: Generic summary function for gcFit object

summary.gcFitModel: Generic summary function for gcFitModel object

summary.gcFitSpline: Generic summary function for gcFitSpline object


drBootSpline Man page
drFit Man page
drFitSpline Man page
gcBootSpline Man page
gcFit Man page
gcFitModel Man page
gcFitSpline Man page
gompertz Man page
gompertz.exp Man page
grofit Man page
grofit.control Man page Man page
grofit-package Man page
grofit.time Man page
initgompertz Man page
initgompertz.exp Man page
initlogistic Man page
initrichards Man page
logistic Man page
low.integrate Man page
plot.drBootSpline Man page
plot.drFit Man page
plot.drFitSpline Man page
plot.gcBootSpline Man page
plot.gcFit Man page
plot.gcFitModel Man page
plot.gcFitSpline Man page Man page
richards Man page
summary.drBootSpline Man page
summary.drFit Man page
summary.drFitSpline Man page
summary.gcBootSpline Man page
summary.gcFit Man page
summary.gcFitModel Man page
summary.gcFitSpline Man page


grofit/R/drBootSpline.R grofit/R/gcBootSpline.R grofit/R/richards.R grofit/R/gcFitModel.R grofit/R/initlogistic.R grofit/R/drFitSpline.R grofit/R/plot.gcFit.R grofit/R/summary.gcFit.R grofit/R/initgompertz.R grofit/R/summary.drBootSpline.R grofit/R/plot.drFitSpline.R grofit/R/gompertz.R grofit/R/plot.drFit.R grofit/R/plot.gcFitSpline.R grofit/R/summary.drFit.R grofit/R/grofit.control.R grofit/R/drFit.R grofit/R/initgompertz.exp.R grofit/R/summary.gcFitSpline.R grofit/R/plot.gcFitModel.R grofit/R/low.integrate.R grofit/R/plot.drBootSpline.R grofit/R/gcFitSpline.R grofit/R/plot.gcBootSpline.R grofit/R/logistic.R grofit/R/summary.gcBootSpline.R grofit/R/summary.gcFitModel.R grofit/R/ grofit/R/initrichards.R grofit/R/summary.drFitSpline.R grofit/R/grofit.R grofit/R/gompertz.exp.R grofit/R/gcFit.R
grofit/man/initrichards.Rd grofit/man/gcBootSpline.Rd grofit/man/grofit-package.Rd grofit/man/ grofit/man/grofit.control.Rd grofit/man/ grofit/man/summary.drFitSpline.Rd grofit/man/grofit.time.Rd grofit/man/summary.drBootSpline.Rd grofit/man/gompertz.Rd grofit/man/drFitSpline.Rd grofit/man/gcFitModel.Rd grofit/man/summary.gcFitModel.Rd grofit/man/drFit.Rd grofit/man/drBootSpline.Rd grofit/man/initgompertz.Rd grofit/man/logistic.Rd grofit/man/initlogistic.Rd grofit/man/plot.drFitSpline.Rd grofit/man/plot.drBootSpline.Rd grofit/man/plot.gcFitModel.Rd grofit/man/plot.gcFit.Rd grofit/man/initgompertz.exp.Rd grofit/man/richards.Rd grofit/man/grofit.Rd grofit/man/plot.drFit.Rd grofit/man/gcFit.Rd grofit/man/summary.gcFitSpline.Rd grofit/man/plot.gcBootSpline.Rd grofit/man/low.integrate.Rd grofit/man/gompertz.exp.Rd grofit/man/plot.gcFitSpline.Rd grofit/man/summary.gcBootSpline.Rd grofit/man/summary.gcFit.Rd grofit/man/gcFitSpline.Rd grofit/man/summary.drFit.Rd

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