Man pages for grofit
The package was developed to fit fit many growth curves obtained under different conditions.

drBootSplineFunction to create a bootstrap sample of splines fitted to...
drFitFunction to run the dose-response curve fit and EC50...
drFitSplineFunction to fit smoothed splines to dose reponse data.
gcBootSplineFunction to generate a bootstrap sample from a dataset of...
gcFitFunction to run growth curve fitting on several data sets...
gcFitModelFunction to fit parametric models to growth data.
gcFitSplineFunction to fit smoothed splines to growth data.
gompertzGompertz growth law
gompertz.expModified Gompertz growth law
grofitStandard workflow
grofit.controlFunction to set all available grofit options
grofit.dataExample of growth data
grofit-packageThe package was developd to fit fit many growth curves...
grofit.timeExample of growth data.
initgompertzFunction to generate initial values for parameter estimation
initgompertz.expFunction to generate initial values for parameter estimation
initlogisticFunction to generate initial values for parameter estimation
initrichardsFunction to generate initial values for parameter estimation
logisticLogistic growth law
low.integrateFunction to estimate the area under a curve given as...
plot.drBootSplineGeneric plot function for drBootSpline objects
plot.drFitGeneric plot function for drFit objects
plot.drFitSplineGeneric plot function for drFitSpline objects
plot.gcBootSplineGeneric plot function for gcBootSpline objects
plot.gcFitGeneric plot function for gcFit objects
plot.gcFitModelGeneric plot function for gcFitModel objects
plot.gcFitSplineGeneric plot function for gcFitSpline objects
ran.dataFunction to generate example data for grofit
richardsRichards growth law
summary.drBootSplineGeneric summary function for drBootSpline object
summary.drFitGeneric summary function for drFit object
summary.drFitSplineGeneric summary function for drFitSpline object
summary.gcBootSplineGeneric summary function for gcBootSpline object
summary.gcFitGeneric summary function for gcFit object
summary.gcFitModelGeneric summary function for gcFitModel object
summary.gcFitSplineGeneric summary function for gcFitSpline object
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