Man pages for gwer
Geographically Weighted Elliptical Regression

anova.ellipticalAnalysis of Deviance for Elliptical Model Fits
CauchyCauchy Distribution
CnormalContaminated Normal Distribution
ellipticalElliptical Regression Models
elliptical.diagDiagnostic for Elliptical Regression Models
elliptical.diag.plotsDiagnostic Plots for Elliptical Regression Models
envelopeSimulated Envelope of Residuals
family.ellipticalFamily Objects for Elliptical Models
GlogisGeneralized Logistic Distribution
GstudentGeneralized Student Distribution
gwerGeographically Weighted Elliptical Regression
gwer.selOptimization of Bandwidth for Geographically Weighted...
LogisILogistic Type I Distribution
LogisIILogistic Type II Distribution
luzdatBrightness of Snacks
NormalNormal Distribution
PowerexpPower Exponential Distribution
residuals.ellipticalExtract Model Residuals
Studentt-Student Distribution
summary.ellipticalSummarizing Elliptical Model Fits.
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