create_states_from_tabular: Create State Definitions From Tabular Input

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Transforms tabular input defining states into an heemod object.


create_states_from_tabular(state_info, df_env = globalenv())



Result for one model of parse_multi_spec().


An environment containing external data.


Columns of state_info besides .model and state include costs and utilities we want to keep track of, with appropriate values (these may include parameters). For any cost or utility that should be discounted, an additional column with the name ".discount.<cost>" or ".discount.<effect>", for the appropriate cost or effect, can be included. If no discounting is desired for a particular cost or effect, the corresponding column can be omitted.

A discount column can contain only a single value - a cost or benefit must be discounted by the same amount in each state. Discounts can be numbers or parameters (which will then need to be defined like any other).

The input data frame is expected to contain state information for all the models you will use in an analysis. For more information see the vignette: vignette("file-input", package = "heemod").


A state list.

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