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A Wrapper for the 'Highcharts' Library

citytempCity temperatures from a year
color_classesFunction to create 'dataClasses' argument in 'hc_colorAxis'
colorizeCreate vector of color from vector
color_stopsFunction to create 'stops' argument in 'hc_colorAxis'
create_yaxisCreating multiples yAxis t use with highcharts
dash_stylesGet dash styles
datetime_to_timestampDate to timestamps
download_map_dataHelper function to download the map data form a url
export_hcFunction to export js file the configuration options
favorite_barsMarshall's Favorite Bars
favorite_piesMarshall's Favorite Pies
fix_1_length_dataFunction to avoid the jsonlite::auto_unbox default
get_data_from_mapHelper function to get the data inside the map data The urls...
get_hc_series_from_dfAuxiliar function to get series and options from tidy frame...
hc_accessibilitySetting accessibility options to highcharts objects
hc_add_dependencyAdd modules or plugin dependencies to highcharts objects
hc_add_dependency_faHelpers functions to get FontAwesome icons code
hc_add_event_pointHelpers to use highcharter as input in shiny apps
hc_add_seriesAdding and removing series from highchart objects
hc_add_series_boxplotShortcut for create boxplot
hc_add_series.characterhc_add_series for character and factor objects for data frames objects
hc_add_series.densityhc_add_series for density objects
hc_add_series_dfShortcut for tidy data frame a la ggplot2/qplot
hc_add_series_flagsShortcut for add flags to highstock chart
hc_add_series.forecasthc_add_series for forecast objects
hc_add_series.geo_jsonhc_add_series for geo_json & geo_list objects
hc_add_series_labels_valuesShortcut for add series for pie, bar and columnn charts
hc_add_series_listShortcut for data series from a list of data series
hc_add_series.lmhc_add_series for lm and loess objects
hc_add_series_mapAdd a map series
hc_add_series.numeric'hc_add_series' for numeric objects
hc_add_series_ohlcShortcut for create candlestick charts
hc_add_series_scatterShortcut for create scatter plots
hc_add_series_times_valuesShortcut for create/add time series from times and values
hc_add_series_treemapShortcut for create treemaps
hc_add_series_tsShortcut for create/add time series charts from a ts object
hc_add_series.tshc_add_series for time series objects
hc_add_series_xtsShortcut for create highstock chart from 'xts' object
hc_add_series.xtshc_add_series for xts objects
hc_add_themeAdd themes to a highchart object
hcaesDefine aesthetic mappings. Similar in spirit to...
hcaes_stringDefine aesthetic mappings using strings. Similar in spirit to...
hc_annotationsSetting annotations to highcharts objects
hc_annotationsOptionsSetting annotations options to highcharts objects
hcbarShortcut to make a bar chart
hc_boostSetting boost module options to highcharts objects
hcboxplotShortcut to make a boxplot
hc_chartSetting chart options to highchart objects
hc_colorAxisSetting color Axis options to highchart objects Function to...
hc_colorsSetting color options to highchart objects
hc_creditsSetting credits options to highchart objects
hc_defsSetting patterns to be used in highcharts series
hcdensityShortcut to make density charts
hc_drilldownSetting drilldown options for highcharts objects
hc_elementIdSetting 'elementId'
hc_exportingSetting exporting options for highcharts objects
hchartCreate a highchart object from a particular data type
hchart.survfitPlot survival curves using Highcharts
hchistShortcut to make an histogram
hciconarrayShortcut to make icon arrays charts
hc_legendSetting legend options to highchart objects
hcmapShortcut for create map from <URL:...
hc_mapNavigationSetting mapNavigation options to highmaps charts
hc_motionSetting Motion options to highcharts objects
hc_navigatorSetting navigator options to highstock charts Options...
hc_paneSetting panes options to highchart objects
hcparcordsShortcut for create parallel coordinates
hcpieShortcut to make a pie chart
hc_plotOptionsSetting plot options to highchart objects
hc_rangeSelectorSetting scrollbar options to highstock charts
hc_responsiveSetting responsive options to highchart objects
hc_rm_seriesRemoving series to highchart objects
hc_scrollbarSetting scrollbar options to highstock objects
hc_seriesSetting series/data options from highchart objects
hc_sizeChanging the size of a 'highchart' object
hcsparkShortcut to make spkarlines
hc_themeHighchart theme constructor
hc_theme_538Fivethirtyeight theme for highcharts
hc_theme_chalkChalk theme for highcharts
hc_theme_darkunicaDark Unica theme for highcharts
hc_theme_dbDotabuff theme for highcharts
hc_theme_economistEconomist theme for highcharts
hc_theme_elementaryElementary (OS) theme for highcharts
hc_theme_ffxFirefox theme for highcharts
hc_theme_flatFlat theme for highcharts
hc_theme_flatdarkFlatdark theme for highcharts
hc_theme_ftFinancial Times theme for highcharts
hc_theme_ggplot2ggplot2 theme for highcharts
hc_theme_googleGoogle theme for highcharts
hc_theme_gridlightGrid Light theme for highcharts
hc_theme_handdrawnHand Drawn theme for highcharts
hc_theme_mergeMerge themes
hc_theme_monokaiMonokai theme for highcharts
hc_theme_nullNull theme for highcharts
hc_theme_sandsignikaSand Signika theme for highcharts
hc_theme_smplSimple theme for highcharts
hc_theme_sparklineSparkline theme for highcharts
hc_theme_superheroesSuperheroes theme for highcharts
hc_theme_tufteTufte theme for highcharts
hc_titleSetting title and subtitle options to highchart objects
hc_tooltipSetting tooltip options to highchart objects
hctreemapShortcut for create treemaps
hctreemap2Shortcut to create treemaps.
hctsShortcut to make time series or line charts
hc_xAxisSetting axis options to highchart objects
hex_to_rgbaTransform colors from hexadecimal format to rgba hc notation
highchartCreate a Highcharts chart widget
highchart2Create a Highcharts chart widget
highchart_ctHighcharter Crosstalk Widget
highcharterAn 'htmlwidget' interface to the Highcharts javascript chart...
highcharter-exportshighcharter exported operators and S3 methods
highchartOutputWidget output function for use in Shiny
highcharts_demoChart a demo for testing themes
hw_gridLays out highchart widgets into a "grid", similar to...
is.hexcolorCheck if a string vector is in hexadecimal color format
is.highchartReports whether x is a highchart object
list_parseConvert an object to list with identical structure
mutate_mappingModify data frame according to mapping
random_idFunction to generate iids
renderHighchartWidget render function for use in Shiny
str_to_idString to 'id' format
tooltip_chartHelper to create charts in tooltips.
tooltip_tableHelper for make table in tooltips
unemploymentUS Counties unemployment rate
uscountygeojsonUS Counties map in Geojson format (list)
usgeojsonUS States map in Geojson format (list)
worldgeojsonWorld map in Geojson format (list)
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