iRefR: iRefIndex Manager

"iRefR" allows the user to load any version of the consolidated protein interaction database "iRefIndex" and perform tasks such as: selecting databases, pmids, experimental methods, searching for specific proteins, separate binary interactions from complexes and polymers, generate complexes according to an algorithm that looks after possible binary-represented complexes, make general database statistics and create network graphs, among others.

AuthorAntonio Mora <>, Ian Donaldson <>
Date of publication2013-12-17 19:35:08
MaintainerAntonio Mora <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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convert_complexList_to_MITAB Man page
convert_edgeList_to_graph Man page
convert_edgeList_to_MITAB Man page
convert_graph_to_edgeList Man page
convert_MITAB_to_complexList Man page
convert_MITAB_to_edgeList Man page
convert_protein_ID Man page
create_id_conversion_table Man page
get_irefindex Man page
merge_complexes_lists Man page
select_confidence Man page
select_database Man page
select_interaction_type Man page
select_protein Man page
summary_graph Man page
summary_protein Man page
summary_table Man page

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