Man pages for iRefR
iRefIndex Manager

convert_complexList_to_MITABConvert complexList format to MITAB format
convert_edgeList_to_graphConvert iRefIndex/edgeList table to Graph
convert_edgeList_to_MITABConvert edgeList format to MITAB format
convert_graph_to_edgeListConvert Graph to iRefIndex/edgeList table
convert_MITAB_to_complexListConvert MITAB format to complexList format
convert_MITAB_to_edgeListConvert MITAB format to edgeList format
convert_protein_IDConvert Protein Identifier
create_id_conversion_tableCreate a Protein ID Conversion Table
get_irefindexGet iRefIndex
merge_complexes_listsMerge tables in complexList Format
select_confidenceSelect the subset of iRefIndex corresponding to a set of...
select_databaseSelect iRefIndex Records belonging to given Primary...
select_interaction_typeSelect Binary||Polymer||Complex in iRefIndex
select_proteinGet all iRefIndex records for a given Protein
summary_graphGet Summary Information for a Graph
summary_proteinGet Summary Information for a given Protein
summary_tableGet Summary Information for a MITAB Table
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