Man pages for ie2misc
Irucka Embry's Miscellaneous USGS Functions

adapsadaps, adaps2, and adapsBATCH
drIndex of agreement (dr)
expFileOutputexpFileOutput and expFileOutputBATCH
ie2miscie2misc: Irucka Embry's miscellaneous USGS functions
madstatMean-absolute deviation (MAD)
maeMean-absolute error (MAE)
mapeMean absolute percent error (MAPE)
psfFileChangepsfFileChange and psfFileChangeBATCH
qwqw, qw2 and qwBATCH
rmseRoot mean square error (RMSE)
sat_enthalpySaturated Enthalpy (H)
vnseNash-Sutcliffe model efficiency (NSE)
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