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This function "defines a dyadic operator that will behave differently than the "+" operator with regards to missing values". (Quote by 42- in Source 1 below). In this case, add x and y so that NA is ignored when x is a number and x = NA when x = 0.


x %+na% y



numeric vector that does not contain any NA values


numeric vector which contains at least one NA value


numeric vector resulting from the sum of x and y


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a <- 1:10
b <- c(98:106, NA)

a %+na% b

## Not run: 
# See Source 3 and Source 4
# Note that if the vector with the NA value(s) is first, then an error
# message will be displayed as now there are checks for both x and y.

a <- 1:10
b <- c(98:106, NA)

try(b %+na% a)

## End(Not run)

a1 <- 1:12
b1 <- c(98:106, rep(NA, 3))

a1 %+na% b1

# using a matrix of the numeric vectors a and b
mat1 <- matrix(data = c(a, b), nrow = length(b), ncol = 2, byrow = FALSE,
        dimnames = list(c(rep("", length(b))), c("a", "b")))
mat1[, 1] %+na% mat1[, 2]

# using a data.frame of the numeric vectors a and b
df1 <- data.frame(a, b)
df1[, 1] %+na% df1[, 2]


# using a data.table of the numeric vectors a and b

a <- 1:10
b <- c(98:106, NA)

df2 <- data.table(a, b)
df2[, 1, with = FALSE][[1]] %+na% df2[, 2, with = FALSE][[1]]

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