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Informatic Sequence Classification Trees

classifyTree-based sequence classification.
conversionConvert sequences between binary and character string...
disambiguateConvert oligonucleotide sequences into regular expressions.
encodingEncode and decode profile HMMs in raw byte format.
expandExpand an existing classification tree.
get_lineageGet full lineage details from a taxonomic ID number.
get_taxIDGet taxon ID from taxonomy database.
hashConvert sequences to MD5 hashes.
insectInformatic sequence classification trees.
joinConcatenate DNAbin objects while preserving attributes.
learnInformatic sequence classification tree learning.
manipulateFurther bit-level manipulation of DNA and amino acid...
prune_taxonomyPrune taxonomy database.
purgeIdentify and remove erroneous reference sequences.
qfilterQuality filtering for amplicon sequences.
rcReverse complement DNA in character string format.
readRead FASTA and FASTQ files.
replicateDereplicate and rereplicate sequence datasets.
samoaTable of marine COI amplicon sequence variants from American...
searchGBQuery the NCBI GenBank database.
shaveShave ends from DNA and amino acid sequences
stitchPaired-end read stitching.
taxonomyDownload taxonomy database.
trimTrim primer and/or index sequences.
virtualFISHVirtual _in situ_ hybridization.
virtualPCRVirtual PCR.
whalesCetacean 16S rDNA sequences.
whale_taxonomyCetacean section of NCBI taxonomy database.
writeWrite sequences to text in FASTA or FASTQ format.
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