ioncopy-package: Calling copy number alterations in amplicon sequencing data

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Method for the calculation of copy numbers and calling of copy number alterations. The algorithm uses coverage data from amplicon sequencing of a sample cohort as input. The method includes significance assessment, correction for multiple testing and does not depend on normal DNA controls.


Package: ioncopy
Type: Package
Version: 2.1.1
Date: 2018-03-21
License: GPL-3


Maintainer: Jan Budczies <[email protected]>
Eva Romanovsky <[email protected]>


Jan Budczies, Nicole Pfarr, Albrecht Stenzinger, Denise Treue, Volker Endris, Fakher Ismaeel, Nikola Bangemann, Jens-Uwe Blohmer, Manfred Dietel, Sibylle Loibl, Wilko Weichert, Carsten Denkert: Ioncopy: a novel method for calling copy number alterations in amplicon sequencing data including significance assessment. Oncotarget 7(11):13236-47, 2016, doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.7451.

Jan Budczies, Nicole Pfarr, Eva Romanovsky, Volker Endris, Albrecht Stenzinger, and Carsten Denkert: Ioncopy: an R Shiny app to call copy number alterations in targeted NGS data. Submitted.

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