iopsych: Methods for Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Collection of functions for IO Psychologists.

AuthorAllen Goebl <>, Jeff Jones <jone1087@umn.ed>, and Adam Beatty <>
Date of publication2016-04-04 13:38:31
MaintainerAllen Goebl <>
LicenseBSD_3_clause + file LICENSE

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Man pages

aiEst: Estimate adverse impact given d and sr

aiPux: Estimate ai and average criterion scores for majority and...

aiPuxComposite: Estimate ai and average criterion scores for majority and...

asvab: Wee, Newman, & Joseph, (2014) ASVAB data

cor2d: Convert from r to d

d2cor: Convert from d to r

dComposite: Estimates the d of a composite.

dls2007: Decorte, Lievens, & Sackett (2007) example data

fuse: Computes the correlation between two composites of items.

fuseMat: The intercorrelation among items and composites made of these...

fuseVec: Computes the correlation between a composite and a vector of...

internal.checkIndex: Are y_col and x_col appropriate indexs for r_mat?

internal.corAdd: Appends a new variable into a correlation matrix.

internal.fuseCom: Computes the intercorrelations of item composites

internal.fusefull: The intercorrelation among items and composites made of these...

internal.fuseRma: Taylor-Russell Utility

internal.fuseRmat: Correlations between item composites and the original...

internal.indexMat: Finds rxx and rxy for a correlation matrix

internal.isCorMat: Is a matrix a correlation matrix?

internal.paretoXX: Computes data needed for a XX Pareto plot.

internal.relWt: Relative weights

internal.rmatBeta: Find regression weights

internal.rmatBetaPE: Partially evaluated regression

internal.rmatReg: Find regression weights and R2

internal.solveWt: Correlation between weighted predictor composite and...

internal.solveWtExp: Correlation between weighted predictor composite and...

internal.solveWtVec: Correlation between weighted predictor composite and...

internal.unpack: Unpacks key vector

internal.unpackMat: Unpacks key matrix

internal.utilitySwitch: Utility Input Switch

internal.wtPair: An internal function for generating criterion weights for XX...

lMvrrc: Lawley multivariate range restriction correction.

paretoXX: Computes data needed for a XX Pareto plot.

paretoXY: Computes data needed for a XY Pareto plot.

rcea1994: Ree, Carretta, Earles, Albert (1994)

reliabate: Disattenuate a correlation matrix using an estimate of the...

relWt: Relative weights

rmatReg: Regression

rmatRegPE: Partially evaluated regression

solveWt: Find r given arbitrary predictor weights

solveWtR2: Find R2 given arbitrary predictor weights

todo: Raju-Cabrera-Lezotte Utility Model

trModel: Taylor-Russell Ratio

utilityB: Boudreau Utility Model.

utilityBcg: Brogeden-Cronbach-Gleser Utility Model.

utilityRbn: Raju-Burke-Normand Utility Model

utilityShp: Schmidt-Hunter-Pearlman Utility Model.

ux: The average score of selected applicants on a predictor...

Files in this package

iopsych/R/pareto.R iopsych/R/regression.R iopsych/R/relative_importance.R iopsych/R/fuse.R iopsych/R/ai.R iopsych/R/data.R iopsych/R/utility.R iopsych/R/helper.R iopsych/R/range_restriction.R iopsych/R/reliability.R
iopsych/man/internal.rmatBeta.Rd iopsych/man/ux.Rd iopsych/man/utilityShp.Rd iopsych/man/cor2d.Rd iopsych/man/dls2007.Rd iopsych/man/internal.relWt.Rd iopsych/man/internal.isCorMat.Rd iopsych/man/solveWt.Rd iopsych/man/internal.solveWtExp.Rd iopsych/man/solveWtR2.Rd iopsych/man/internal.solveWt.Rd iopsych/man/fuseVec.Rd iopsych/man/fuseMat.Rd iopsych/man/internal.fusefull.Rd iopsych/man/lMvrrc.Rd iopsych/man/trModel.Rd iopsych/man/fuse.Rd iopsych/man/utilityRbn.Rd iopsych/man/internal.solveWtVec.Rd iopsych/man/aiPuxComposite.Rd iopsych/man/rcea1994.Rd iopsych/man/internal.unpack.Rd iopsych/man/dComposite.Rd iopsych/man/rmatReg.Rd iopsych/man/internal.unpackMat.Rd iopsych/man/asvab.Rd iopsych/man/relWt.Rd iopsych/man/internal.wtPair.Rd iopsych/man/reliabate.Rd iopsych/man/internal.corAdd.Rd iopsych/man/paretoXY.Rd iopsych/man/utilityBcg.Rd iopsych/man/utilityB.Rd iopsych/man/internal.indexMat.Rd iopsych/man/internal.fuseCom.Rd iopsych/man/todo.Rd iopsych/man/internal.rmatReg.Rd iopsych/man/internal.fuseRma.Rd iopsych/man/aiEst.Rd iopsych/man/internal.utilitySwitch.Rd iopsych/man/internal.paretoXX.Rd iopsych/man/d2cor.Rd iopsych/man/aiPux.Rd iopsych/man/internal.fuseRmat.Rd iopsych/man/rmatRegPE.Rd iopsych/man/paretoXX.Rd iopsych/man/internal.rmatBetaPE.Rd iopsych/man/internal.checkIndex.Rd

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