iopsych: Methods for Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Collection of functions for IO Psychologists.

AuthorAllen Goebl <>, Jeff Jones <jone1087@umn.ed>, and Adam Beatty <>
Date of publication2016-04-04 13:38:31
MaintainerAllen Goebl <>
LicenseBSD_3_clause + file LICENSE

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Man pages

aiEst: Estimate adverse impact given d and sr

aiPux: Estimate ai and average criterion scores for majority and...

aiPuxComposite: Estimate ai and average criterion scores for majority and...

asvab: Wee, Newman, & Joseph, (2014) ASVAB data

cor2d: Convert from r to d

d2cor: Convert from d to r

dComposite: Estimates the d of a composite.

dls2007: Decorte, Lievens, & Sackett (2007) example data

fuse: Computes the correlation between two composites of items.

fuseMat: The intercorrelation among items and composites made of these...

fuseVec: Computes the correlation between a composite and a vector of...

internal.checkIndex: Are y_col and x_col appropriate indexs for r_mat?

internal.corAdd: Appends a new variable into a correlation matrix.

internal.fuseCom: Computes the intercorrelations of item composites

internal.fusefull: The intercorrelation among items and composites made of these...

internal.fuseRma: Taylor-Russell Utility

internal.fuseRmat: Correlations between item composites and the original...

internal.indexMat: Finds rxx and rxy for a correlation matrix

internal.isCorMat: Is a matrix a correlation matrix?

internal.paretoXX: Computes data needed for a XX Pareto plot.

internal.relWt: Relative weights

internal.rmatBeta: Find regression weights

internal.rmatBetaPE: Partially evaluated regression

internal.rmatReg: Find regression weights and R2

internal.solveWt: Correlation between weighted predictor composite and...

internal.solveWtExp: Correlation between weighted predictor composite and...

internal.solveWtVec: Correlation between weighted predictor composite and...

internal.unpack: Unpacks key vector

internal.unpackMat: Unpacks key matrix

internal.utilitySwitch: Utility Input Switch

internal.wtPair: An internal function for generating criterion weights for XX...

lMvrrc: Lawley multivariate range restriction correction.

paretoXX: Computes data needed for a XX Pareto plot.

paretoXY: Computes data needed for a XY Pareto plot.

rcea1994: Ree, Carretta, Earles, Albert (1994)

reliabate: Disattenuate a correlation matrix using an estimate of the...

relWt: Relative weights

rmatReg: Regression

rmatRegPE: Partially evaluated regression

solveWt: Find r given arbitrary predictor weights

solveWtR2: Find R2 given arbitrary predictor weights

todo: Raju-Cabrera-Lezotte Utility Model

trModel: Taylor-Russell Ratio

utilityB: Boudreau Utility Model.

utilityBcg: Brogeden-Cronbach-Gleser Utility Model.

utilityRbn: Raju-Burke-Normand Utility Model

utilityShp: Schmidt-Hunter-Pearlman Utility Model.

ux: The average score of selected applicants on a predictor...


aiEst Man page
aiPux Man page
aiPuxComposite Man page
asvab Man page
.checkIndex Man page
cor2d Man page
.corAdd Man page
d2cor Man page
dComposite Man page
dls2007 Man page
fuse Man page
.fuseCom Man page
.fuseFull Man page
fuseMat Man page
.fuseRmat Man page
fuseVec Man page
.indexMat Man page
.isCorMat Man page
lMvrrc Man page
paretoXX Man page
.paretoXX Man page
paretoXY Man page
rcea1994 Man page
.rclUtility Man page
reliabate Man page
relWt Man page
.relWt Man page
.rmatBeta Man page
.rmatBetaPE Man page
rmatReg Man page
.rmatReg Man page
rmatRegPE Man page
solveWt Man page
.solveWt Man page
.solveWtExp Man page
solveWtR2 Man page
.solveWtVec Man page
trModel Man page
trUtility Man page
.unpack Man page
.unpackMat Man page
utilityB Man page
utilityBcg Man page
utilityRbn Man page
utilityShp Man page
.utilitySwitch Man page
ux Man page
.wtPair Man page


iopsych/R/pareto.R iopsych/R/regression.R iopsych/R/relative_importance.R iopsych/R/fuse.R iopsych/R/ai.R iopsych/R/data.R iopsych/R/utility.R iopsych/R/helper.R iopsych/R/range_restriction.R iopsych/R/reliability.R
iopsych/man/internal.rmatBeta.Rd iopsych/man/ux.Rd iopsych/man/utilityShp.Rd iopsych/man/cor2d.Rd iopsych/man/dls2007.Rd iopsych/man/internal.relWt.Rd iopsych/man/internal.isCorMat.Rd iopsych/man/solveWt.Rd iopsych/man/internal.solveWtExp.Rd iopsych/man/solveWtR2.Rd iopsych/man/internal.solveWt.Rd iopsych/man/fuseVec.Rd iopsych/man/fuseMat.Rd iopsych/man/internal.fusefull.Rd iopsych/man/lMvrrc.Rd iopsych/man/trModel.Rd iopsych/man/fuse.Rd iopsych/man/utilityRbn.Rd iopsych/man/internal.solveWtVec.Rd iopsych/man/aiPuxComposite.Rd iopsych/man/rcea1994.Rd iopsych/man/internal.unpack.Rd iopsych/man/dComposite.Rd iopsych/man/rmatReg.Rd iopsych/man/internal.unpackMat.Rd iopsych/man/asvab.Rd iopsych/man/relWt.Rd iopsych/man/internal.wtPair.Rd iopsych/man/reliabate.Rd iopsych/man/internal.corAdd.Rd iopsych/man/paretoXY.Rd iopsych/man/utilityBcg.Rd iopsych/man/utilityB.Rd iopsych/man/internal.indexMat.Rd iopsych/man/internal.fuseCom.Rd iopsych/man/todo.Rd iopsych/man/internal.rmatReg.Rd iopsych/man/internal.fuseRma.Rd iopsych/man/aiEst.Rd iopsych/man/internal.utilitySwitch.Rd iopsych/man/internal.paretoXX.Rd iopsych/man/d2cor.Rd iopsych/man/aiPux.Rd iopsych/man/internal.fuseRmat.Rd iopsych/man/rmatRegPE.Rd iopsych/man/paretoXX.Rd iopsych/man/internal.rmatBetaPE.Rd iopsych/man/internal.checkIndex.Rd

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