asvab: Wee, Newman, & Joseph, (2014) ASVAB data

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This dataset was published in Wee, S., Newman, D. A., & Joseph, D. L. (2014) and describes the results of a military validation study. The first four rows contain the intercorrelations of the four predictor variables. The fifth row contains the black-white score differences (d). Rows 6-12 contain the correlations between the four predictor variables and the six job performance variables.




A data frame with 12 rows and 4 columns.


Wee, S., Newman, D. A., & Joseph, D. L. (2014). More than g: Selection quality and adverse impact implications of considering second-stratum cognitive abilities. Journal of Applied Psychology, 99(4), Journal of Applied Psychology, 92(5), 1380.

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